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Halle Berry, 46, shocked everyone when announced that she was pregnant with her second child with fiance Olivier Martinez.¬†As a mom to daughter¬†Nahla Aubry, 5, Halle revealed that her second pregnancy was a complete shock. No matter how she did it, this will be Halle’s second child, it will be her first with fiance Olivier Martinez, 47, and she says she couldn’t have been more surprised by it! Whether she was actually surprised or not, there are definitely a few things the former Bond girl must keep in mind in order to keep both her and her child healthy, especially at her age.

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Nelson says there are ways for women of her age to have a better chance of conceiving and that it is fairly common for those wishing to have another baby. This is due to their declining ability to conceive naturally because of their advanced age and associated diminished egg quality,” Dr.

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