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In week 5, Baby’s still just an embryo, but it’s growing more furiously and changing more rapidly than it will at any other time in its life! On the other hand, if you have been really trying for a long time, you will probably be relieved and hopeful.
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To calculate all data about your pregnancy, enter the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle. Using the Pregnancy Calculator helps to calculate the probable conception date, to estimate how long have you been pregnant, to know the fetal age and much more.

All you need is to enter the date of your last menstrual cycle and the amount of menstrual days in the data field, and push the button.
Women who smoke, drink alcohol (excessively), or take drugs are more likely to have problems in pregnancy, including miscarriage.
When a man learns that there is a child growing inside someone else—that’s a different thing. It’s natural for your mind to be racing with happy thoughts and also some concerns: Is it too soon to paint the nursery? Your levels of HcG, the hormone that plays a crucial role in pregnancy, continue to rise (in early pregnancy the HcG levels double roughly every two to three days until they plateau around 16 weeks) and the amount of blood in your body is actually increasing.

Forget about calculations in your mind and notes in diaries – use our pregnancy calculator to find out the date of birth of your baby. An infection (like bacterial vaginosis or a previously unknown problem with the uterus or cervix, can cause miscarriage. The baby’s spinal cord and brain are beginning to form, as are key organs—including the lungs, liver, and pancreas—and the placenta, which that will supply your baby with oxygen and nourishment.

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