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Well, it seems that baby Monster Truck is growing just fine as you can definitely notice a change in this week’s baby bump from my 20 week update! 24 weeks is a milestone in many pregnancy’s often referred to as Viability Day!  (The point in which many hospitals will step in an provide major medical care if a baby is born early.)  It feels great to have made it this far along with as few symptoms as I have had.
I have also been starting to really fight my sciatic pain and now have developed grinding in my pelvis that results in clicking and pain when I do cardio.  My lovely OB informed me that the it is the relaxin in my pelvic bone.
Speaking of the my two pregnancies… it looks like I am right on track and maybe (gasp!) a little bigger than I was at 24 weeks with Squishy!
I love water aerobics and I know you’re going to appreciate that feeling of buoyancy.

Getting pregnant easily may not be a big problem for some women but for some couples, trying to conceive a baby may be a stressful ordeal. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions.
Baby Monster Truck is starting to be more active, but still WAY more mellow that Squishy was. The owner and writer at Our Knight Life, Emily loves sharing her two adorable boys and journey through motherhood.
Indeed, getting pregnant needs proper timing but of course, learning some easy ways to get pregnant can be of big help as well on increasing your chances of getting pregnant fast.

If your baby is a girl, her uterus and ovaries are in place, and a lifetime supply of eggs have formed in the ovaries. She also enjoys creating healthy recipes for her family and sharing family friendly product reviews.

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