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A uterine prolapse happens when the womb falls from its normal position into the vagina.  There are four stages of prolapse. Whatever form of prolapse you have, the cause is a weakness in the supporting structures of the organs such as muscles, ligaments and fascia.  This can be due to a lack of proper alignment of the skeletal muscles, traumatic falls or accidents, holding your breath to push out a baby (or poo!). Some women have no symptoms and only discover they have a prolapse during an internal examination for another reason.
Prevention is easier than a cure, and it’s a shame that if you’re reading this, you probably already have a problem. Do not strain during bowel movements. Squatting is the optimum position for a bowel movement. Stop wearing high heels – they are bad for the pelvic floor as well as putting the pelvis on an unnatural tilt. Manage your general health, including alternative modalities and using conventional health care when needed.  In some cases, especially stage four prolapse, a pessary may be used. Acupuncture, moxibustion or acupressure to certain points to raise the organ qi or treat deficiency.  See a qualified acupuncturist for treatments and learn self-care pressure points. Bushra Finch has been working in the field of women’s health for over 20 years and has developed Mizan Abdominal Therapy, a form of traditional reproductive healing, which optimises women’s health and fertility through uterine alignment. When the baby is exposed to air for some time, there would be wonders done to cure the problem faster.
Cradle crap or otherwise called Infantile Dermatitis Seborrheic is a red patch that later flakes off as yellow. Use almond, olive or baby oil to rub on the affected area and make sure you keep it away from the ears and the eyes of the baby.

This is because of the lack of moisture or can be due to the presence of chemicals and various other temperature changes. Those on your back, legs in stirrups, cheer-leader pushing type births are very damaging for the muscles that hold the uterus in place. If this is not possible (and it isn’t with modern toilets) try putting your feet on a stool to bring your knees up higher than your hips. Research has shown that external castor oil packs can help with a number of health problems.
A pessary is a small plastic or silicone medical device which is inserted into the vagina and acts as a support.
If you are a yoga student already, daily inversions except 3-5 days before menses and during bleeding – shoulder stands, head stand, hand stands. Prolapse is not something to be self-medicating, book in with a good homoeopath who will prescribe for you according to your physical and emotional symptoms. Most of the babies suffer because of this issue and it arises because of the wet diapers that are left unchanged. During the winter time, a blow drier can also be used when the baby is naked, however make sure the drier is on low.
In such cases, bathe the baby with warm water and make sure the moisture is retained in the baby’s skin.
A rectocele is when the rectum bulges into the lower rear vaginal wall.  This can make bowel movements difficult and if you have this you may need to push on the inside rear wall of the vagina with your fingers to empty the bowel.
Vizualise the uterus and all the pelvic organs in their correct positions and functioning correctly.

Doing your self-care routine twice a day helps to speed healing by bringing fresh blood and nutrients.
If you are new to yoga, then lying on your back with hips elevated is much more accessible. It is very common among the toddlers and the most common is the atopic eczema that is itchy and completely red. Baby skin care is very important and hence it has to be looked into by the parents carefully and consciously.
A enterocele is when part of the small intestine bulges into the vagina into the rear upper portion of the rear vaginal wall. Whatever the cause, the suggestions below will help you to manage your life during the healing process.
The abdominal work, along with the posterior work helps to correct pelvic alignment, increase abdominal blood flow and lift the uterus. Best results are achieved with diligent self-care massage as taught by your therapist. It is even more effective to do self-care on a slant board, or using pillows to tilt your pelvis. Reverse breathing, drawing the navel in and up on exhaling while pressing feet firmly into the floor to draw the pelvic floor up. It’s best to work with a yoga instructor to learn exactly how to use these techniques and practice them correctly.

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