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Description Item # 568012Fill your little one's bedroom or nursery with soft pastels and friendly creatures; a pond is home to a sweet bunch of frogs, a snail, and turtles. The different textures and patterns incorporated into the Puddles collection by Lambs and Ivy attests to the attentive and thoughtful craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these pieces.
The front of the pop-up card features a sparkling brown scalloped bottom edge and three little lambs leaping across a blue sky twinkling with stars and a crescent moon. Scattered at the foot of the baby bassinet are some alphabet blocks, a brown teddy bear, and a baby rattle.

Above the baby bassinet is a die-cut window revealing a beautiful tree outside filled with blossoming pink flowers. A blue insert card slides between the front and back card and is secured by a bottom flap which is accented with black and white stripes. The insert has a brown scalloped edge at the top and features stars and moon on the upper left and a baby bassinet at the lower right of the card. Blank (unpersonalized) card is available and compatible with most desktop printers, so you can choose to print it yourself at home or have us custom print it for you.

Card comes fully assembled, except insert card needs to be deperforated to form top scalloped edge after personalized text is printed.

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