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The first thing when choosing furniture for your patio is to ask yourself how often and for what are you going to be using your patio. Once you have worked out the utility of the patio and the likely amount of time that it is going to be used for, it becomes easier to decide on the type of furniture that you would want on the patio. Wooden furniture for the patio is generally made of hardwood and treated with preservatives to withstand the elements.
Recently, I have come across a large number of people who have taken standard wooden chairs intended for the study table or dining table and placed them on the patio. Plastic furniture is now available in hundreds of designs and colours, in imitations to make them look like wooden or metal furniture and in all sizes. Vetiver is an herb of Indian origin which is scientifically known as Chrysopogon zizanioides. Decorating your house for festivals, parties or get-togethers has become very common in today’s day and age. The ideal furniture for the patio would be the kind that can remain outdoors round the year. Most of them were very brightly coloured adding a new dimension to the overall look of their patios. However one common factor is that metal furniture needs to be painted to prevent it from rusting; unless it is made of a non-rusting material like cast aluminium.
Although cane furniture is made with a lot of different varieties of cane they all have one thing in common – they cannot be left outside exposed to the elements.

Most modern day furniture for the patio is treated with some coating to ensure that they do not get damaged by the elements. Wooden furniture treated with care can last a long time and provide a very earthy feel to your patio. There are many methods of treating cane furniture to withstand the elements, but the truth is that none of them last long enough to really make your cane furniture last outdoors.
However the weight may become a problem if your house is situated in an area that is prone to high speed winds. So what are the choices that one has in the different materials that are used for making patio furniture? Unfortunately, if the size of your patio is small, hardwood wooden furniture might overpower the space you have. The comfort factor can be solved by placing cushions on the seats, but even then the metal feels cold to the touch on a winter morning. The advantage of cane furniture is that they are light in weight and thus can be easily moved around or taken indoors when required. The biggest advantage of plastic furniture is that they can be left out permanently exposed to the elements. Personally I find cane furniture as a perfect match to the greenery on the patio, but it does require a lot of care to last. Water has no effect on the plastic furniture but constant exposure to intense sunlight will fade the colours.

However modern day folding metal chairs are being made which are much lighter and come in attractive colours.
The other big problem with plastic furniture is that they gather dust and grime very quickly. One of the main utilities of the patio by the majority of people is using it like an outdoor room, somewhere to relax or enjoy a barbecue.
The best metal furniture for the patio (and only if you have a large patio) are the antique metal furniture made with cast iron. These settle in the scratches that form on the surface on the plastic and if not cleaned regularly can make the piece look tacky very fast.
There are other options like tables made from marble or other stone, foam seats etc, but these are not really useful as patio furniture.
What you use as furniture for the patio must be practical and easy to maintain as unlike furniture inside the house, furniture on the patio undergo a lot more wear and tear.

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