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The following information is a basic presentation of the stages of fetal development and the abortion methods commonly used. Medical abortion involves the use of drugs or chemicals to end the life of the developing baby during the early stages of human growth. Currently, 3 chemicals are used to perform a medical abortion: methotrexate, misoprotol, and mifepristone (RU-486). Methotrexate is a chemical that prevents the developing baby and placenta from properly using folic acid. Surgical Abortion involves the use of a suction or vacuum aspirator to remove the developing fetus from the uterus. Because the developing baby is bigger at this stage and bone calcification has occurred, forceps are used to empty the uterus.
Dilation and Extraction: a surgical abortion procedure used to terminate a pregnancy after 21 weeks of gestation. When this procedure is used on full term sized infants, it is in effect, intentionally rearranging the baby's in utero position from head down to feet and legs down for a breech delivery. Your baby is about 8 inches long, close to the length of a banana, and weighs about 1 ? pounds.

You’ll notice your baby becoming more active, which is important for stimulating muscle growth, keeping joints flexible, and strengthening bones. At your next doctor visit, you’ll probably take a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes – a type of diabetes that some women experience during pregnancy and that goes away after the baby is born. Without the normal use of folic acid, the baby cannot make, repair, or replicate DNA in order to survive. The cervix must be opened wider (than that required in a D&C or Suction Aspiration) to allow entry of forceps.
Amniotic fluid is removed from the sac and is replaced by a very strong salt solution meant to kill the baby.
Keep “hidden” restaurant calories, unhealthy fats, and sugars off your plate when you go out to eat. The best way to ensure you don’t overeat is to eat a piece of fruit, vegetables, crackers, or a handful of nuts before you go. Similar to the glucose screening, it’s taken after you fast and requires four blood samples over several hours. But her hands have developed to the point that she can make a fist, and she’s not afraid to explore your uterus.

I can't believe you're only 24 weeks pregnant there - with my first I was only just showing at 20 weeks!! By the 4th month of pregnancy, the baby has been drinking and breathing in amniotic fluid to help the organs develop properly. This means your baby might be able to tell whether he is upside down or right-side up inside your amniotic sac.
However, when the salt solution is substituted for the normal amniotic fluid, it causes severe burning of the baby's skin, eyes, mouth and lungs.
Labor may begin within 24 hours of the saline injection resulting in the delivery of a badly burned, shriveled, dead baby.

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