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I had my 21 week OB appointment this past Monday and my OB was not impressed that the ER did not examine me for injuries. Baby Stavish is moving a lot lately, which is so reassuring after all he or she has been through. Last weekend, I went a little pin happy and came across a lot of cute whale artwork for the nursery.
On the positive side, all of the other organs appeared healthy- four chambers in the heart, fully developed lips and face, spine, arms, and an amazing little profile. Anyway, the ultrasound technician said she could get a much better view of baby closer to 20 weeks, so felt that my doctor may want to have another ultrasound done.
I am 100% certain of the Whale nursery theme and am totally in love with the idea of doing one accent wall of thick horizontal stripes with beige and creme paint. Gender Thoughts: The moment I found out I was pregnant with this baby I had this urge to not find out the gender this time around. Adrian wants to know the gender though and so we have decided that he will find out, but keep it under wraps. Nursery Ideas: One of my favorite parts about pregnancy is planning and decorating the nursery. Linking up to Life Rearranged, This or That Thursday, Favorite Photo Friday, Sweet Shot Tuesday, Foto Friday, Tell Your Story, and Essence of Now.
If any of you have been following this blog since the very beginning, you will remember that I started blogging to document my first pregnancy and beyond. September 12, 2012 - 49 Comments This is one of these posts that are written in your mind again and again, but your just not ready to take the plunge and actually write. When it came time for my first well women visit, I asked my friend’s mom if she would bring me to Planned Parenthood.
Unfortunately after my initial well women visit, I was not very good about returning for annual examinations. In the summer of 1999, I experienced a night of hell when I began feeling extreme amounts of pain in my stomach and back.
Following my surgery, I began taking Orth-Tri-Cyclen to regulate my periods and decrease the risk of further ovarian cysts. I remained on the birth control until my husband and I were ready to conceive our first child in 2008. My pregnancy with my first child was generally easy, although my labor and delivery was hellish. In May, I raised my concerns to my doctor and she referred me to the infertility clinic at Walter Reed Medical Center. Following our first meeting, I had my blood drawn and scheduled my HSG (hysterolsalpingogram) . Once my blood work results confirmed my doctor’s initial hypothesis of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome),  he recommended a course of clomid to kick start ovulation. Again, I had a mostly uneventful pregnancy, even though I was followed by the high risk team.
I can’t even begin to explain how worried I was about the health of my unborn child (and my other two children) upon impact. The nurses were able to find the baby’s heartbeat and I was not having any contractions. She also thankfully prescribed me medication that would help my pain and even that is still not cutting it well.
Going into the scan, Adrian and I decided that he would find out the gender and keep it to himself.

I am a little intimidated about getting the lines straight,but am excited about picking out the exact paint colors. I could not wait for my 20 week ultrasound with both boys, but this time around is just different.
Sure in the back of my mind I was always worried I would have a hard time getting pregnant, but part of me wanted to be wrong. After a trip to the emergency room and hours upon hours of testing and waiting, I was diagnosed with a massive ovarian cyst. On June 1, 2010, between my first fertility appointment and the HSG procedure, my cycle returned however I did not ovulate. I will spare you the details of what my next course of action was, as I’m sure you are well aware of how a baby is made! Right from the beginning of my pregnancy it was determined that I would have a planned c-section, due to my delivery and post-natal complications with Xander. I’m usually not a huge complainer when it comes to pregnant aches and pains, because I know it comes with the territory. Baby is still breech and was not fully cooperating with tech, so she was unable to get of the leg measurements. The one and only item I have purchased so far are these white whale decals that will go above baby’s crib. As I was laying on the table, I enjoyed just being in the moment and not wanting to find out the gender.
This is the first baby we are having outside of the a military treatment facility, so I had NO idea what to expect. I don’t think pregnancy really sinks in until you see a little miracle for the first time.
The selection of OBGYN doctors that accepted Medicaid was not great for a self conscious teenager. The doctor explained to me that he would not know if the cyst was impacting any of my reproduction organs until he did exploratory surgery to remove the cyst. I charted my cycles using the methods in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health.
The doctor I saw was mouth to the floor shocked when I showed him my Basal Body Temperature charting (apparantly no one uses this method anymore?!). However, he cautioned me to not get my hopes up too much, as the procedure is not guaranteed to help increase the change of ovulation.
I then went about my business of tracking my cycles with BBT and an OPK (ovulation prediction kit).
About 2 weeks later, on August 29th, I anxiously peed on a stick and discovered I was PREGNANT! Although I have been diagnosed with PCOS, have very irregular periods, and infrequently ovulate, I have been able to conceive two amazing little boys naturally.
I’m ready I feel the butterfly touch of my baby during the first few months of being pregnant. The somewhat annoying part of the whole thing is that the ER doctors didn’t even take the time to examine me. My next OB appointment is in three weeks from Monday, so I will see what my doctor says then. We will just have to get a new dresser, since the dresser in Noah’s room is falling apart.
At this point in my pregnancy, I see the OB every 4 weeks and my next appointment is in two weeks, just 3 days before my 34th birthday.

My plan is to go with muted tones and then once baby arrives I can do color pops of blue or pink. I was pleasantly surprised by the timeliness of my doctor, her friendly yet efficient bedside manner and how she treated my entire family. Looking back I cringe at this thought and perhaps wonder if I could have prevented some of the issues I am facing now.
I was terrified that I would wake up from surgery to find I was left with just one ovary or even worse. The plan was to wait to see if I would get my period and if I hadn’t by day 35 I would take a pill to begin it. The ride in the ambulance to the hospital seemed to take forever, but for some reason I didn’t break down until I got up to the OB floor. I complained about my ribs hurting, but at the time wasn’t really in the right mindset to advocate to be looked at closer. My OB reviewed the tech’s notes from the scan and determined that we will not need a follow-up ultrasound, as the tech did get measurements of the all the major organs and body parts.
I haven’t narrowed anything else down at this time, but  have pinned a bunch of great ideas. Over the past 2 weeks I have started to show and have packed up all pants with buttons and zippers. Sure, I would love to know to be able to plan the nursery or fill the closet with blue or pink outfits, but honestly that stuff is the small stuff. I felt totally at ease throughout my appointment, but then again this is the third time around. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and the doctor was able to remove the cyst without impacting any other organs. Seventeen months later, I can’t even imagine what life was like without our crazy little redhead. Days later my rib pain started getting worse, so I made an appointment with my primary care doctor.
We went into the appointment with plans that Adrian would find out the gender and I wouldn’t. The only difference this time around is that I’m going to post pregnancy updates after each prenatal appointment, instead of weekly. Only time will tell if we will be welcoming baby girl Stavish into our family on or around June 15th. Not only was I thankful for the doctors and nurses bedside manner, I appreciated Planned Parenthood’s sliding scale fees, as I paid for the appointment with my hard earned money. Lucky for me my ribs hopefully will heal 2-4 weeks into my third trimester when the fun really happens. I was ecstatic that I became pregnant after just the first ovulation (in six months), since I had no idea when I would even ovulate again. What if I have to leave this floor with no baby?” Horrible thoughts for any mommy-to-be to contemplate!
In fact, baby was in such a position that the tech couldn’t even get a good look at his or feet.

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