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Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. So, my husband (29) and I (27) have not officially started ttc, but I stopped taking BCP's after the new year's to watch my cycle for a few months. 0dpo - Ovulation cramps on left side (dull pressure for a few hours, then sharp for a few seconds before it stopped).
12-13 dpo - Mild lower back pain on one side which lasted for a few hours each day (which I also never get). 14-16 dpo - "Bubbling" and warm sensation in lower abdomen, feeling "wet" down there (sorry, tmi). The 1st picture on the top is an internet cheapie ovulation strip which showed 2 dark lines.
The 2nd pic shows a cheapie pregnancy test kit which showed a fainter line than the control line. The 3rd pic on the bottom is a Clear Blue pregnancy test kit which also showed a fainter line than the control line! As for symptoms, I experienced slight but bearable abdominal cramps on both left n right concurrently, had a breakout at the chin area due to constipation every 2 or 3 days, no implantation spotting but whitish and creamy cm on DPO3-4 till last week and feeling sleepy after every meal esp after lunch. Initially, I tested on an ovulation strip first to test waters and was surprised to find it turn dark on both lines! I have slight PCOS and took Clomid, Gonal-f & ovidrel jabs to stimulate follicle growth and induce ovulation.

Hi skcoreikcaj, nope I didn't test earlier as I dun wish to be disappointed and it might be too early to test a BFP. Do you think it is possible that these symptoms are not too early and could actually be possible?? I said yes because it's entirely possible, you were paying close attention, know when you o'd, did it all by the book and now feel different? I've been hanging out on this website for about a week since I've started to get strange "signs" from my body. I'd been on BCP's for over 7 years, so I thought it would take a while for things to get back to normal. For the first time ever I felt cramping after orgasm (sorry if that's tmi, but that was the weirdest thing after which I started to google IB and other pregnancy symptoms).
Some breast sensitivity, nothing too major and it's been happening ever since I stopped BCP's.
I was expecting O a few days later, so didn't worry about it too much, but felt distinct ovulation pains the same evening. After the final jab, I was prescribed Utrogestan, a form of progesterone pills to take to help thicken my lining and sustain pregnancy.
I was soo cold too I was on the couch with my DH I had on sweat pants socks and a sweater and still needed a blanket.. About 2-3 nights before that I felt a localized pinching pain on one side of my uterus (or at least where I think it is).

Still can't believe it so I tested again on my clear blue pregnancy test kit and it also shown 2 lines within 2 min! Another reason is due to my lack of pregnancy test kits so I didn't wanna waste any if tested too early.
Yesterday 9 Dpo in the evening I had bloating, felt sick, like i had the chills, was getting the flu and a headache, I also was very grumpy.. I have one more clear blue digital pregnancy kit left n I will test again first urine tmr just to be sure. Look for our BFP story coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't want to read the whole thing, here are my major early symptoms - implantation spotting on 10-12 dpo and cramps after orgasm (NEVER happened before). Dec 2012 I started taking FertilAid for Women and FertileCM and after 6 months of NO period I got my cycle January 28th, 2013.
If you've been trying for a while don't give up and I would use ovulation test and preseed to try to conceive. My chart took a .7 degree F of a dip on 6 Dpo and on 7 Dpo it went right back up and have stayed up today today.

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