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Using virtual three-dimensional mazes together with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers from Kyoto University investigated whether a person's preconceptions could be represented in brain activity. Researchers can now reconstruct what we see in our minds when we navigatea€”and explain how we get directions wrong.
The brain helps us navigate by continually generating, rationalizing, and analyzing great amounts of in-formation. Using virtual three-dimensional mazes together with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the researchers investigated whether a person's preconceptions could be represented in brain activity. Participants were led through each maze, memorizing a sequence of scenes by receiving directions for each move.
Twelve decoders deciphered brain activity from fMRI scans by associating signals with output variables. They also discovered that the human sense of objectivity may sometimes be overpowered by precon-ception, which includes biases arising from external cues and prior knowledge. Shikauchi and Ishii hope that this research will contribute to the development of new communication tools that make use of brain activity. University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found human brains 'divide and conquer' when people learn to navigate around new environments. TA?bingen neuroscientists have made an important advance in studying the human brain with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
More than 95 per cent of us waste time navigating through computer files rather than using efficient search tools because of the way our brains are structured, according to a new study.
A method for data analysis used in medical diagnostics has been tested for the first time on resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. A team of researchers led by Angelika Lingnau, from the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway has been able to predict participants' movements just by analysing theirA brain activity. It's been well established that men perform better than women when it comes to specific spatial tasks. The adult brain has learned to calculate an image of its environment from sensory information. Studies have long shown that when faced with a problem that must be solved by cooperating with others, males and females approach the task differently. Mechanical forces play a critical role in myelination, the formation of the protective coating that neurons need to function, researchers at the University at Buffalo have discovered. Non-new yorkers, feel free to tell us your own experiences or thoughts about buskers around you. More details later but so far we’ve already found qween (pictured above), a delightful dancing queen, and hoowhee, seems like this project is gonna be quite a bit of fun. The Urban Campfire is a monthly digest of stories by people from disparate places but harnessing earnest experiences, getting through the world the only way they (we) know how. We are not all that interested in the product except in relation to its accompanying process and how one engages with their work, how one’s work engages beyond itself.

And of course, there is a huge problem of HOW to document all this material and constellations ya’ll provide for us in a way that is engaging for all of you.
We definitely need to obtain more equipment to help achieve this goal (hello 21st century) and we plan to start tiny focus discussions on how to document outside the real of the written (typed) word. It’s been interesting trying to figure out who what where how when etc etc to post, on Any social media platform. 20 plays Do the Work - Patti Smith from BBP Aug 6th Reading We were lucky enough to hear Patti Smith read at the Brooklyn Bridge Park last week!
Well, one hello world not only checks his voicemail every day, but he gets hundreds of messages a day – and he listens to every single one. Voicemails are becoming an increasingly outdated concept but the idea of leaving a voice mail is kinda like… leaving a trail of bread crumbs for the listener to follow. We were happy that we managed to conduct a phone interview with the guy who listens to a countless number of voices and be invited to hear his voice.
Visit one hello world here and oh, did you know that one hello world guy also has his own tumblr? They belong to her Spring 2011 collection, the Memory Series, more of which can be seen on her Flickr account here.
Peeking from beneath the notebook and its blueprint of ideas is a sketchpad that illustrates the incipient stage of Hillary’s ultimate creations. Even though visual art is her primary medium of choice, Hillary’s ties with other art forms are still strong. For example, this innate GPS-like function helps us find our way in cities, follow directions to a specific destination, or go to a particular restaurant to satisfy a craving.
Then, while being imaged using fMRI, they were asked to navigate through the maze by choosing the upcoming scene from two options. They were ultimately able to reconstruct what scene the participants pictured in their minds as they pro-gressed through the maze.
Decoding the view expectation during learned maze navigation from human fronto-parietal network, Scientific Reports (2015).
But how much of that is linked to sex hormones versus cultural conditioning and other factors? This January issue is a big photo sprawl - you can get it here and you should think about joining in for the next month’s campfire!
We don’t claim to be an authority of Anything and we have little intention of making bank (ha) unless it can be used to spur creating and creating peoples.
We are interested in people who are committed to learning and exploring and experimenting and actively DOING - Not sitting down with with 4 years of  coursework in their laps, arms crossed and mouths open. So in the upcoming year, we are hoping to be more consistent, even if it means fewer posts over a span of time.
Well, as it is, one hello world raised enough funds to re-work and re-present a compilation of the work he’s done thus far in the form of an album.

As we held more in depth conversations about a couple of his pieces, we found an attentiveness and thoughtfulness to the caller and message. This may seem like an odd fact to bring up, but it simply meant that she was queen of her domain as a kid, recreationally autonomous.
Hillary can be found sketching anywhere, from common rooms to trains, and she tends to begin drawings without any preconception of what she wants her final product to look like. A recreational singer, she says she feels more connected to music as a means of expression, and, as we’ve seen, she still writes, partially as research for her art, but also for the purposes of reflection and introspection. In contrast to methods in previous studies, the re-searchers focused on the underpinnings of expectation and prediction, crucial cognitive processes in everyday decision making. We want people who keep creating because they love it, because they want to, because they can, because they have to… just because.
We want to see you do good work - or at least, do the work that leads you to make good work.
It just needs a little bit of sitting on at the moment (and not just hantam-ing) soooo stay tuned. We reckon it would be pretty fun to be in the same room as the voicemails start dancing to his music.
There have been ongoing collaborations with other musicians around the world (for example, check out some of the remixes already on the site) and talks of organizing a playing circuit is in the air. Even if he doesn’t necessarily share the same perspectives as all his callers, composing music becomes a way to understand and respond. For example, the design pictured above, she tells us, started with a peapod, almost inconceivably enough.
However, writing ultimately takes a backseat to her art, which, for Hillary, sums up and conveys a point more pithily than prose ever can. New UC Berkeley research suggests our brain activity could be influenced to make the healthier choice. Well, the great big WWW is most definitely our contemporary campfire (bet you saw that coming) and getting everyone to cosy up doesn’t seem like too bad an idea. Sometimes, she added, she proceeds to cut the initial image up, or to repeat it on a larger scale, taking over the space. Should we just leave everyone behind their curtains till they’re ready to unveil what they have? We wondered out loud if listening to so many personal stories was taxing in any way, and why he would still want to keep on with this project. Maybe the need to share is one of those things common to all that always stays real and true.

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