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Wea€™ve created some fact sheets that you may find helpful as you prepare for your visit.
And even though data show that rates of family physicians who provide prenatal and obstetrical care are declining, all family physicians and health care professionals who provide care to women of childbearing age need to provide preconception care. To better promote preconception care concepts to its members, the AAFP recently developed and released a comprehensive preconception care position paper.
The Academy created the preconception care paper to ensure members had access to quality, evidence-based information to support and direct their efforts in key areas, O'Gurek explained. To better promote preconception care to its members, the AAFP recently released a position paper on the topic. The paper presents current benefits of and barriers to preconception care and issues a call to action for family physicians to incorporate preconception care counseling and screening into all visits for women of childbearing age and into all well visits for men of reproductive age. The paper also offers specific interventions for men and women and easy-to-read summary tables to help family physicians provide preconception care. Specific interventions for both men and women are outlined in the paper, along with easy-to-read summary tables for each group.

For example, for women of reproductive age, topics include reproductive planning, the use of folic acid, contraception, family and genetic history, chronic disease management, immunizations, and sexually transmitted infections. Preconception counseling also includes addressing lifestyle risks -- including alcohol, tobacco and substance use -- and providing resources and support for lifestyle modifications. For men of reproductive age, topics are similar and include social and behavioral history, as well as physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The paper also cites research on various substances, anatomical variations, behaviors and environmental issues that may affect a man's ability to contribute to a successful conception. O'Gurek said he understands firsthand why family physicians might be hesitant to add preconception care to their already busy schedules. For example, said O'Gurek, a family physician might see a young woman with a history of hypertension coming into the office as a new patient, and she may have been started on an ACE inhibitor by another practice or even an ER or urgent care center. As a member of your healthcare team, the prenatal genetic counselor will Assess your risk or rule out having a child with a birth defect or genetic condition.
Prenatal genetic counseling should be considered if you have any of the following risk factors.

The medical information published on this website is not intended to serve as a substitution for a thorough evaluation from a qualified healthcare provider. University of South Carolina School of Medicine physicians are also medical staff of Palmetto Health Richland and the Dorn VA Medical Hospital. Additionally, the paper offers recommendations and support for preconception care and includes summary information to facilitate implementation.
Body weight, for example, may affect reproductive success; according to some studies, every 20 pounds added to a man's ideal body weight can lead to a 10 percent increase in his risk of infertility.
Furthermore, no one should act upon any of the information (including medical conditions or procedures) contained within this website without appropriate medical advice, a thorough examination or any evaluation necessary to provide a health assessment from a qualified physician. Prepare you for the birth of a child with special needs and discuss the challenges your baby may face.

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