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As you probably already know, getting a positive result on an ovulation test is one of the most exciting times of the month. Receive exclusive discounts on our most popular products for trying-to-conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding couples. Please ALSO send me Get Pregnant Now: the essential, 5-part daily guide on the fundamentals of conceiving quickly.
We're in the process of compiling a Positive Ovulation Test Photo Gallery - and we need your positive ovulation test pictures to do it.

Here is a picture of my testing performed three days before I received my first peak reading this morning January 13, 2014. We'll give it the exposure it deserves and post it here (with just your first name and last initial, of course). This is a great product and would definitely recommend to those who are trying to conceive.
BUTa HPT will almost always pick up on a pregnancy before an OPKonly a HPT will confirm you are pregnant.

Could I be pregnant?"The OPK must be positive (meaning the test line is as dark or darker than the reference line) to even be given consideration.
Could I be pregnant?"The darkness of OPKs can vary for a variety of reasons, most not pregnancy-related.

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