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Ouzounian, 28, then accompanied the family to the Bahamas after Affleck, 42, and Garner, 43, announced their divorce June 30. While vacationing on the islands, Garner reportedly realized Ouzounian was more interested in Affleck than in caring for their three children.
When Radar confronted Ouzounian on July 30, she refused to discuss her relationship with Ben. This weekend we’ve got a couple of new signs that Android Pay is certainly nearly upon us, and September Sixteen appears to be like to be the date to look out for: That’s the date mentioned in a leaked Verizon memo, although it’s value remembering that free up dates can all the time get pushed again.

And Google itself is promoting the approaching arrival of Android Pay in its personal Mobile apps: The Most latest Google Wallet upgrade displays an advert for the brand new payments app, and there’s now a FAQ on-line as well that explains the diversities between the two.
It’s an immediate rival to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and the other Services And Products out there, giving customers myriad methods to pay for items on the go (provided the retailer in question helps the expertise, of course). We’ve had false alarms about the true launch date before now, but the clock is ticking for Google — it’s rumored to be launching new Nexus gadgets and Android Marshmallow itself in the next few weeks, and Android Pay must be in position earlier than then.
The launch is tied into the roll out of Google Play Services Eight.1, which has already started showing on some handsets.

The Following model of Google Wallet will can help you ship and obtain money on any platform, whereas Android Pay is a Mobile funds machine tied to Android itself. Depending to your handset, you will get Android Pay routinely (as a substitute for Google Wallet), or you may have to obtain it manually — the provider works on devices operating Android Four.Four KitKat or above with built-in NFC functionality.

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