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Studies have reported the treatment of Metformin to induce ovulation and normalize menstrual cycles ( gettingpregnantwithpcos.org ).
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Follicle Stimulating Hormones are released by the pituitary gland when it is time to create an egg follicle. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and its problems of hyperinsulinemia and resistance to insulin can be treated with Metformin. Using injectable hormones your eggs will be encouraged to produce multiples and then will be taken from your ovaries using IVF techniques. Raising LH levels can lead to miscarriages for women with PCOS because they are already associated with high levels of LH. In order to correct problems with reproductive disorders you must first treat hyperinsulinemia since it is seen as the cause of these conditions.

It is believed that tamoxifen improves follicular development by working right with the ovaries. Once you have been injected a doctor can check on what’s happening to your body through different tests. Hyperinsulinemia affects ovulation because when you have high level of insulin your ovaries will make too many androgens. The doctor will use a medical procedure to safely move the zygotes from the laboratory and into your fallopian tubes. When these abnormally elevated insulin levels are corrected the ovary will reduce its production of androgens and a woman should be able to conceive.
Once the zygotes are in the fallopian tubes they should travel into the uterus to start developing into a baby.
A rate of forty percent has been seen in studies using women with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome treated with tamoxifen.

Some doctors will administer metformin to PCOS patients to not only treat for infertility but also to help guard against the long-term health problems that can occur if one has hyperinsulinemia.
Many people like using zygote intrafallopian transfer technique because it can be assured the eggs are fertilized before they are put back into your body. One study looked at 39 women with PCOS and hyperinsulinemia and treatment with Metformin showed a decline of insulin as well as total and free testosterone and improved menstrual cycles.
Another benefit is that the uterus may be better prepared to support the embryo because it will have spent a couple days in the fallopian tubes.

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