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Sheet 1 allows you to record your daily temperature and any notes on conditions that might affect your temp, and automatically charts it. To show off your work, it's important to make preview images that users can see before they download your template.
If you came to this page looking for legalese, you might be disappointed; sadly, this can all be easily read by an average English-speaking human. Unless otherwise noted, the free templates offered on this site are offered in the public domain, and are free for both non-commercial and commercial use. Period Diary is a unique, fully animated and the most complete period and ovulation tracker. Sheet 2 shows this same chart using the data from 1, and gives you space to record information about your cervical fluid and position and view it aligned with the temp chart.

Elements used in the templates may fall under other licences, in which case the terms of those licences would apply to those elements.
Template authors may specify other licences in the template description, or by including a file with their template download that describes the licence in use. Uploading templates containing material which is prohibited by law in the country of origin, in Canada, or in the United States is not permitted. It is possible (but unlikely) that damage to your computer or other losses may result from your use of our site or downloads.
This sophisticated and unique product makes your everyday life easier, and it is incredibly simple to use. Template authors are welcome to specify other licences if they wish, providing that those licences allow for the free distribution and (at a minimum) non-commercial use of the template.

From the creators of a series of hits on App Store, Nanobitsoftware, here comes another fantastic product that will change the way you have been monitoring your health. Your password is not stored in plain text at any time; we store only a strongly-encrypted "hash" of your password, making it virtually impossible to retrieve your password by hacking into our system. Find answers to your questions, read all you wanted to know about your symptoms and all you need to know about women's health at the Period Dairy forum.

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