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The normal 28-day menstrual cycle (which starts with the first day of your period and extends to Day 1 of your next period) can vary between 23 and 35 days, depending on the month, your stress levels, your routine, and a variety of other factors. An ideal scenario for coneption is when sperm is present inside a woman's body before a the body releases an egg, says Dr.
The BBT is [therefore] more useful for information than for [precise] timing.”So, how to use your temperature to detect ovulation?
For most accurate results you must:use a Basal Body Thermometer (a regular thermometer will not read your precise temperature).
Varying work schedules, fever, and restless sleep may also affect readings, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).Track your cycle this way for a period of months.

Once you start to learn your body's rythm, you will be able to better predict when ovulation will occur.Cervical Mucus MethodWarning! The Cervical Mucus Method (also known as the Billings Method or the Ovulation Method) will certainly help you get in tune with your body, and your observation skills will be put to the test!You may not have realized this before (but you will now!): the consistency of your vaginal discharge varies during your menstrual cycle.
While your vagina is probably driest immediately after your period, the discharge or mucus that first appears in the weeks after that is cloudy sticky.
They may also feel breast tenderness or they may feel particularly sexy during this time of month.
In conjunction with this method, color-coded fertility beads called CycleBeads (or digital versions) are used to help you determine when your chances are best to conceive on days 8 through 19, as noted by the white beads.Ovulation MicroscopesWho would’ve thought that saliva and plants have something in common?
Estrogen levels increase around ovulation and can be noticeable in dry saliva by forming a fern-like, or crystal (similar to frost on a windowpane), pattern.

Other everyday activities can disrupt ferning, too, including eating, drinking, and brushing teeth. They detect a surge in LH and a type of estrogen (which some tests also measure) to precisely reveal when you when you’re ovulating.

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