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Figuring out exactly when you will ovulate is critical when trying to conceive.  The reason for this is that the egg can only be fertilised within 24 hours after ovulation.
To use the strip, simply collect a urine sample and dip the tip of the strip for at least five second. For convenience and to avoid contamination, every test strip is individually packaged in foil.
Accurately identifying when ovulation will occur will help you determine when you should have sex if you want to conceive, or when to avoid intercourse or use contraception if you do not.

The ovulation test is a urine test for detecting the hormone that triggers ovulation, which is release in high amounts to trigger the release of an egg.
The tests are easy to use, easy to read, highly accurate, and much less expensive than many other brands. To protect your privacy, orders are shipped discreetly, in packaging that does not reveal the contents. Complete instructions on how to use the test and interpret the results are included with every order, and are also available online.

Zoom Baby brand ovulation strips are comparable with the highest quality ovulation tests you can buy. Tests are freshly manufactured and good for approximately two years from the purchase date.

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