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The Standard Days Method, the family planning method on which the family planning option CycleBeads is based, identifies days 8 - 19 as the potentially fertile days for women with cycles between 26 and 32 days long. In terms of your chances of getting pregnant on day 19 of your cycle, it depends on when you ovulated. As this information relates to the Standard Days Method, if your cycles are in the 26-32 day range then your changes of getting pregnant from intercourse on day 19 are less than 5%. That said, if you wish to avoid pregnancy, it is encouraged that you avoid unprotected intercourse on days 8 through 19!

This is usually information given to them by well meaning, but protective adults who may themselves be misinformed.
You can see a chart on this page which shows your chances for getting pregnant relative to the day you ovulate. There are other fertility awareness methods that can be used by a woman with shorter, longer, or irregular cycles though and which will help you to determine when you are fertile each month.
Both of these methods can be used by women who want to use a natural method, but don't have cycles in the 26-32 day range required to use the Standard Days Method.

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