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Ovulation is the process in which an ovarian follicle bursts, and the mature egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube. You can increase your chances of having a boy or a girl by having intercourse on certain days.
You can prevent an unwanted pregnancy by making sure you don't have unprotected intercourse while you are ovulating. Remember, having intercourse when you are ovulating, and also on your peak fertile day increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
Each woman's body is different, charting your fertility is a great way to get to know your cycle and your body.

Ovulation usually occurs halfway though a woman’s menstrual cycle and marks the transition between the follicular and luteal phases. If you have intercourse three days before you begin ovulating, your chances are better of having a girl.
Also, please note that these results can be affected by your cycle regularity, as well as many other factors. Some women observe slight spotting when they ovulate, while others feel nauseous or have a slight upset stomach upset.
Teresa Woodruff, creator of Repropedia, is offering a free online course exploring the world of reproduction.

This is because the sperm carrying female X-chromosomes live longer and swim slower than male Y-chromosome carrying sperm.

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