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MamaMemoirs guides moms-to-be through the creation of a keepsake journal using a variety of “grams” or entries that cover everything from the latest ultrasound photos to the most recent addition to the nursery. How wonderful to share any of the entries you want through Facebook and other social media outlets.
I’d call that priceless…and it might just save a few husbands from the TMI syndrome! This entry was posted by Ann on May 19, 2011 at 10:50 pm, and is filed under Family, Media, Parenting, Technology. Although teenage mothers have lower educational attainment and earnings than women who delay fertility, causal interpretations of this relationship remain controversial.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. When Powell, who calls herself a "birth junkie," found out she and her husband Chase were expecting their first child, she was ecstatic. Powell gave birth to Heidi, now 5, Caleb, 2, and Joshua, 10 months, without pain medication. Powell, whose friends refer to as a "walking book of pregnancy," attended the birth of her best friend's baby in October 2006.
A birth doula, Powell explained, is a person who provides emotional and physical nonmedical support to mothers and fathers during childbirth. Powell said it costs $600 to hire a doula in Lubbock, and that covers two meetings before the baby is born, as well as one accompanied visit to the mother's obstetrician. The doula arrives when the parents are called and will stay with the mother at least until after the baby is born. Instead of replacing the father's role of supporter, a doula helps the father be as involved as he and the mother want him to be, Powell said.
Emily Nimz, a mother who hired Powell for the birth of her daughter, Sofia, said she knew she wanted an unmedicated birth, so she needed someone there with her through labor.
Having Powell present at her daughter's birth gave Nimz the confidence and support to have the birth experience she planned, Nimz said. Brenda Pottebaum found Powell's presence during the birth of her second child, Ethan, comforting. A doula can help mothers and fathers during birth, whether the birth is a scheduled Cesarean, a home birth, hospital birth, the mother wants an unmedicated birth or the mother wants pain medication during labor, Powell said. Powell, who has attended 12 births (not counting her own children's births) became certified through Doulas of North America International in December and has attended five births since earning her certification. There we were in Hawaii as a military family so my husband got 100% of my pregnancy excitement.

The program is fully social media enabled, allowing moms to do everything from announcing the pregnancy to sharing the first photos from the hospital all from their MamaMemoirs dashboard. I would have loved a journal which compiled all my initial thoughts and the comments that my friends and family made online. I reviewed this online journal because I felt like it was a great use of technology to encourage prenatal health and family memories. Scholars argue that there are reasons to predict negative, trivial, or even positive effects, and different methodological approaches provide some support for each perspective. Women have given birth for thousands of years without pain medication, she said, so she knew she could as well. For example, if a mother needs constant pressure applied to her back and hips throughout labor, a doula and the father can take turns applying that pressure to make the mother as comfortable as possible.
Carried away in the birth of his son, Pottebaum's husband, Dale, began telling Pottebaum to breathe the wrong way. We reconcile this ongoing debate by drawing on two heuristics: (1) each methodological strategy emphasizes different women in estimation procedures, and (2) the effects of teenage fertility likely vary in the population. Powell is the younger of two girls in her family, and she never had much experience with pregnant women or babies, but Powell remembers pretending to be pregnant and loving babies.
Powell said it was "by the grace of God," she was able to have three children without pain medication.
She went home that night, did some research and decided that night to become a birth doula.
She helps the mother initiate breastfeeding, if desired, and she will make sure the new parents feel comfortable before leaving. The website is meant to provide a journal tool for mothers-to-be and new mothers where they can log thoughts, details, and special photos. MamaMemoirs puts the process online in a fun, efficient and fast program designed by the makers of the popular Lil Grams online baby books. Analyses of the Child and Young Adult Cohorts of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (N = 3,661) confirm that teen pregnancy has negative effects on most women’s attainment and earnings. The schooling costs of teenage out-of-wedlock childbearing: Analysis with a within-school propensity-score-matching estimator.
Powell said she will even run out to get the parents' first meal following the baby's birth. Hologic, a medical company who produces the fFN test to screen for preterm labor risks, sponsors the journal as a way to help mothers stay aware of the prevention of birth before 37 weeks.
More striking, however, is that effects on college completion and early earnings vary considerably and are most pronounced among those least likely to experience an early pregnancy. Further analyses suggest that teen pregnancy is particularly harmful for those with the brightest socioeconomic prospects and who are least prepared for the transition to motherhood.

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