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Just because you are now pregnant, does not warrant or excuse you to eat for two and gain weight.
Manage Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy The Foods to Eat During Pregnancy In the first trimester, women need an additional 300 calories per day for the growing foetus. Benefits of Exercising Exercise during pregnancy maintains the muscle tone of your body and prevents you from gaining excess weight.
It prevents a host of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.
Do Not Ape Celebrities Celebrities come back to their original shapes astonishingly fast because they are required to do so and it is done under strict professional guidance. If you have been eating sensibly enough, Mother Nature will automatically take care of the excess weight. You must definitely take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy; it must certainly not be ignored. If you are pregnant, and you catch certain infections, they can be harmful for you and your baby. Most women who have kids agree that experiencing occasional cramping during pregnancy is quite common.
Found in many types, fishes are considered the foods to be low in saturated fats and even fish oils are considered to play a great role in promoting good health effects.

Despite, some fishes are dangerous when consumed if pregnant because of its mercury content. Make it sure with thermometer whether the temperature has reached 63 degrees Celsius since fishes get cooked completely at this temperature.
Do not over eat fish because some portions of it may contain environmental pollutants and dioxins which are unsafe during pregnancy. The wise choice of fishes and proper cooking methods make them a great source of nutrients during pregnancy. While it is essential to gain weight during pregnancy, it is also vital to do so in a healthy manner so that you remain fit and your baby remains healthy. The foetal brain development is very crucial in the first 3 months so it is important that pregnant women eat their walnuts, soybeans and fatty fish like mackerel to meet the baby’s nutritional needs. While walking is a good exercise, one must not resort to high impact exercises like weight lifting and aerobics.
The body takes at least 12-17 months to come back to its normal shape and size so give yourself that time and enjoy the phase by bonding with your cute bundle of joy. However, consuming them without reservation during pregnancy might be a bit risky due to their  mercury content. If you are pregnant, then the list of fishes safe for you needs to be looked into. They are also a good source of omega-3-fatty acids which help in promoting brain development in your babies.

Putting on weight gradually and in a healthy manner will ensure that the weight comes off after pregnancy.
Continue eating well even when you are breast feeding the baby as this will ensure an adequate milk supply for the baby and will also ensure that you lose all the post pregnancy weight while breast feeding your child. Fish is extremely healthy but limit its consumption to not more than twice a week, as it is high in mercury. Indulge in moderate amounts of exercise after consulting with the doctor and rest assured, you will be in the pink of health. There are many  old wives' tales associated with them too and you must be able to diffentiate between the myths and facts here.
Do incorporate kegels’, which are pelvic floor exercises and help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Concentrate on recovery by eating well and breast feeding your baby for as long as you can.

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