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Our Clinical Networks, Taskforces and Institutes are open to clinicians, consumers and managers with experience, interest and passion in improving healthcare. Over 6000 people currently volunteer their time to work with us to improve healthcare delivery across NSW. ACI works to engage consumers and make sure their experience guides the development of initiatives and models of care. The Innovation Exchange provides a collaborative place online to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources.This is the place to showcase great work that is happening, to promote innovations and improvements to health services, and recognise the commitment and expertise of staff working in the NSW Health system. CCLHD standardised the process of documenting care for clients with leg ulcers within the ComCare system.

Blacktown Hospital implemented a number of processes to track the use and improve the storage of walking belts and sticks in the Stroke and Aged Care Ward. Liverpool Hospital implemented an education program for emergency department staff, to ensure venous thromboembolism prophylaxis is prescribed to all appropriate patients on admission. This project implemented a new End of Life Care Plan at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, including end of life care guidelines, staff education and resources for families and carers. This project decreased unnecessary time spent in orthopaedic clinics, reduced the number of patients per clinic to a safe and manageable level and standardised follow-up pathways for orthopaedic patients. Royal Darwin Hospital redesigned its patient flow systems, with an estimated date of discharge tool and electronic patient journey board.

This project developed a virtual elective surgery waitlist for 10 surgical sites in MLHD, using data interface software.
The IVALUE initiative supported the implementation of new orientation and accountability processes to improve the way Orange and Cowra Community Health Services engage and utilise Aboriginal Health Workers to provide clinical services to Aboriginal clients accessing care.
Broken Hill Base Hospital implemented a streamlined discharge process, a discharge lounge and a Hospital in the Home service, to improve the flow of patients through the emergency department.

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