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IVF Spain offers the best and most advanced treatments for couples (18 and over, married or non-married) who have stumbled upon the difficult challenges of attaining their dream of becoming parents. Once you click the button you will receive your quote in your email within a few minutes and we will never spam you.
Comfort Starts With ConfidenceFertility clinics in Spain embrace your reproductive needs with kind, personalized treatment.
While undergoing fertility treatments in Spain, patients can discover the rich culture and natural beauty that characterizes Andalusia and the Costa del sol regions. Please be informed that with effect from 1st April 2015, GST shall be levied and charged accordingly at the rate determined by the Government on taxable supplies of goods and services. Useful links for your reference and guide to a better understanding on Healthcare, Penang and Malaysia. There are various abnormalities that can be found that can interfere with initial embryo implantation, or with ongoing pregnancy. These structural abnormalities of the uterine cavity can prevent pregnancy from beginning or they can prevent continuation of pregnancy (increasing the risk for miscarriage).

Visuals of different types of birth, labour exercises, labour massage, labour diet, labour accupressure, labour postures, pushing techniques, delivery visualization and breathing techniques in pregnancy and labour are taught to both husband and wife.
The Music of String instruments or the flute are played during group relaxation and white light visualisation. Systematic relaxation -The purpose is to relax the muscles of ones body in sequence so that she can isolate the uterine pain of labour from an all consuming state of stress. Participation of the to-be father meditation, Autosuggestion, Communication with the baby by Dr.
We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.
Labour squats, duck walk and perineal massage is to be started by the couple 2-3 weeks before delivery; these are instituted. The ability to achieve a successful pregnancy declines with age.How Does Age Affect Female FertilityAge is a very important component in the human reproductive process.
Breathing techniques using a combination of different methods like Lamaze, Bradley method etc.

Most importantly, a woman's fertility declines steadily after peaking between the ages of 20-25.
IVF success rates are contingent upon the age of the woman, the method of IVF treatment, the number of embryos transplanted and the cause of infertility.Does Age Distress Male FertilityUnlike women who do not continually produce eggs, men produce sperm all of their lives. Technically, there is no age limit for male factor infertility but the quality of sperm decreases with age. This increases the chances ,of normal delivery, helps to shorten the duration of labour and deliver smoothly without getting exhausted. Videos and CD's showing normal delivery, forceps, underwater delivery and cesarean allay fear and anxiety from the expectant couples mind. The techniques taught for reducing pain are as follows : Cognitive Control -The pregnant lady is taught to dissociate her mind from the labour pain by visualising a pleasant scenario in which to experience the labour.

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