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You have reached the ninth week of your pregnancy, and now the embryo can officially be referred to as the fetus (Latin for ‘offspring’) [1]. The eyes already have some pigmentation, making them more prominent [4] while small earlobes are visible on an ultrasound. The eyes are now covered with well formed but fused eyelids that will not open until early in the third trimester [3].
The tiny arms and legs already make your baby look like a miniature human being with the wrists and ankles developing fast [3].
Internal organ development: All the main internal organs, including the heart, lungs, kidney and intestine are already in place, developing rapidly [4] along with the muscles.
The increasing blood volume will continue to make your body organs work harder, leading to various pregnancy symptoms [5]. Your uterus continues to grow (it is almost as large as a small melon) [8] as you may notice your belly gradually getting bigger. Apart from the beating tiny heart, an ultrasound can also show your baby making small movements [4].
As in the earlier weeks, the increasing pregnancy hormone levels, along with the rising blood volume is responsible for most of the symptoms. Having a twin pregnancy increases the risks of the above symptoms due to higher hCG levels. PregnancyHumor celebrates the funnier side of being pregnant with jokes, cartoons, top 10 lists, charts, eCards, videos and columns from moms-to-be. Enter your email address to subscribe to daily maternity-fueled giggles and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. Celebrating the funnier side of being pregnant with original jokes, cartoons and humor columns.
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For this pregnancy, I plan on switching up my backgrounds to keep things exciting as you watch my belly grow.
But, we were rest assured when we had an ultrasound around 8.5 weeks and we saw only one sweet little baby in there.
Other facial features, like the mouth, lips, nose and forehead also continue to grow more distinct, while the teeth start to develop as well [2]. Ultrasound images show clear ridges at the end of the hands and feet, marking the places where the toes and fingers will be [4]. The body changes from the previous weeks, such as the fuller breasts and weight gain [6], remain in the ninth week as your body continues preparing for childbirth and breastfeeding. But, the ninth week is still too early to start showing enough for others to notice the changes, especially if this is your first pregnancy [7]. Most women continue to experience the symptoms of morning sickness (nausea, vomiting) along with headaches, dizziness [10], gas, heartburn, bloating [11], abdominal pain or cramping and lower back pain [12]. So little Miss Avery is going to be a big sister (if you could already tell from her proudly worn "Big Sis" shirt!). Unauthorized reproduction of any information on this site is a violation of existing copyright laws. Your baby will now start growing in size and gaining weight as the basic body structure is formed. Although it is still too early to tell the baby’s gender by ultrasound, the development of the genitals has already begun [3].
However, it is normal to experience little or no weight gain, especially if you have severe morning sickness and food aversions [7]. But in many cases, it occurs when a woman thinks her pregnancy is further along than it actually is. However, it is perfectly normal to have few or none of the above symptoms during the ninth week.

I've been fortunate enough not to have any morning sickness or any big food turn-offs, so as of now nearly everything sounds good. With me showing so early, I was very ready to tell people so I could stop hiding my ever-growing belly. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, or add a new healthy habit to your morning routine, you've come to right place. The placenta is also developed enough to carry out most of the jobs of hormone and nutrient production as well as getting rid of waste products.
In such instances, an ultrasound scan performed a few weeks later successfully locates the baby. Wow, I popped so early with this second pregnancy that we seriously started to wonder if I might be pregnant with twins. I wore a number of t-shirts and hoodies to help cover this belly at work (which I think doubled in size nearly every day after lunch). Here you'll find tips, products, and recipes that have helped me in my journey towards living a greener life. So it was nice to finally tell everyone so I can wear my normal clothes again, well sort of normal clothes again. Hope you join me on this fun, exciting journey as our little family of three gets a little bigger!

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