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Most of us ditched our daily naps after preschool, but recent experiments suggest that was likely a mistake. Scrolling through galleries of baby animals is good for the soul, but it might benefit your performance, too. When the groups resumed the game, participants who had viewed snaps of younger animals improved their scores by 34 per cent. The funny article your friend posted on Facebook may seem like a waste of time, but taking a few minutes to check your social media feeds can help you focus.
To maximize the effectiveness of mini browsing breaks, Brent Coker, the study’s lead researcher, suggests workers visit the sites that make them the happiest.
Because all brain activity burns glucose, even something as simple as multi-tasking can take a toll on your mental energy.
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Visit a Barnes & Noble store for B-Fest, a three-day event celebrating the best books for teens. Get pregnant—naturally!The Fertility Diet reveals startling new research from the landmark Nurses' Health Study, which shows that the food you eat can boost your fertility.
In a 2012 study conducted at Japan’s Hiroshima University, subjects were asked to play a version of the board game Operation, which involves precise motor skills. In 2009, researchers at Australia’s University of Melbourne found that workers who spent up to 20 per cent of their time during the day surfing the Internet were nine per cent more productive than peers who avoided cyberloafing altogether.
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While subjects dozed, the right hemispheres of their brains—the area associated with creativity—were more active than the left hemispheres.

Some recommend taking a “caffeine nap”—drinking a cup of coffee, then snoozing for 15 minutes or less. So the next time you encounter a slide show of the “15 Cutest Piglets Wearing Boots” online, consider clicking through as an investment in your mental acuity. Two of the study's lead researchers translate its groundbreaking findings into changes you can put into practice today, setting the stage for a healthy pregnancy and forming the foundation for an eating strategy that will serve you well for the rest of your life. The Fertility Diet also offers a week's worth of meal plans and delicious recipes that will make following the guildelines easy and tasty.

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