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Mums and Bubs Group Fitness Melbourne, Hawthorn, Richmond, Glen Iris, Canterbury, Northcote, Caulfield South. It is commonly known that whilst pregnant you must take a Folate and Iodine supplement, to ensure your body has adequate levels for you and your unborn baby. This pregnancy, as with my last pregnancy – one of my lasting food aversions has been steak! During pregnancy your body needs to make more blood due to the growth of your body to accommodate the baby, and the baby. If you’re found to be low in iron, some symptoms include tiredness, poor concentration and an increased risk of infection.
Iron is found in food in two forms; iron from animals = haem iron, and iron from plant foods = non-haem iron.

In contrast, tea, coffee, unprocessed bran, and various mineral and herbal medications have been found to block the absorption of iron by the body. However when ladies are pregnant, you can tick all the required boxes to manage constipation – and still have problems managing it. Description: This episode is about Zahra, a 75 year old woman from Morroco, admitted to the hospital for abdominal pains. Many doctors will also suggest taking a pregnancy multivitamin to assist with covering all vitamins and minerals. I will happily have red meat in other dishes, but the thought of eating a steak (well let’s say, I can see how vegetarians feel!!). If your levels rich very low, this can impact on your baby’s growth – hence we want to avoid this. You will often be recommended by a dietitian or doctor to have your red meat with a glass of orange juice – to optimise the absorption of the iron!! Hence if you are required to take an iron supplement (and suffer constipation), it is worth considering a liquid version. This is one thing that made me feel better (mentally) – particularly in the first trimester when my diet was limited.

Coloured flesh fish is higher in iron than, such as tuna us higher than fish such as barramundi. It is important to ensure you drink adequate water, and consume a high fibre diet, and undertake regular exercise to try and manage any concerns with constipation. Compound pharmacies often have a liquid iron supplement available, this is one great option as it won’t cause constipation.
Due to morning sickness, my food preferences and food aversions resulted in a limited intake in regards to variety. I recently became aware of the widely available (but expensive) liquid iron supplement called Spatone. If you choose to take a liquid iron supplement, please discuss the quantity with your doctor to ensure you take adequate amounts (you will usually require more than a standard dose, due to the increased needs during pregnancy).

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