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A haven of total peace and relaxation, the clinic houses a team of expert practitioners who have specialised in natural fertility therapies. Treatment appointments will confirmed pre-arrival and there will be an appointment made for both partners on each day.
Before your arrival we ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire about your health, lifestyle and family history.
Set in the grounds of the rectory is a Scandinavian style self catering lodge, just recently renovated to a high standard.
Within the main former rectory is a spacious, well appointed single or double guest room, with en suite bathroom, hairdryer and television, DVD & music system, with tea and coffee making facilities. The clinic also offers a wide range of complementary, beauty & relaxation therapies which you may like to avail of during your stay.
April 22, 2015 by Jessica Leave a Comment So, you’ve been feeling like crud for a while. This is not the end all be all of Hashimoto’s, however I really feel these are great sources to dig into, whether you are using conventional methods of healing, natural methods are a combination of both.
Nothing makes me more sad than people who think that have to live with their Hashimoto’s symptoms. Here is where you will find information on what lab tests you should have run, their optimal values, how to find a good doctor and information on medications.
While this book is not as easy to read as others, it gave me great insight to why I was feeling as bad as I was. This is just the tip of the iceberg but for me, when I started my Hashimoto’s journey these are resources that made an impact on my journey. You will quickly learn that you need to be your own thyroid advocate.You deserve to have wonderful care and to feel good.
Also remember, you didn’t get here overnight so you are not going to get better overnight.
If you’ve been a reader here for a couple of years, you may remember when I was actively trying to heal my adrenals. I saw great results and within about 6 months I was feeling a million times better, had plenty of energy, and all around felt good. And while my original lab tests (for vitamin D and B12 and a full thyroid panel) were back at an earlier date, I was just able to meet with my new holistic doctor and go over my lab results for the 24 hour adrenal saliva test.
But my cortisol levels are extremely low throughout the entire day, which is the reason that some mornings take what seems to immense strength just to get out of bed.
Because sometimes the thyroid is low, or not functioning properly, and it can instead be traced to the adrenals. The adrenals are two small glands, one on top of each kidney, and they help our bodies react and deal with stress through the production of adrenaline and cortisol. These glands are being told what to produce and how much of it to produce by a gland in our brain called the hypothalamus. You can also check out their info picture and description to get a better idea of how this all works.
When the body is exposed to stress of any kind, the hypothalamus sends out a signal (the corticotrophin-releasing hormone) to the pituitary for the adrenals to increase cortisol.
In some women, they may also have decreased progesterone levels due to adrenal fatigue as some sources mention that the precurser to progesterone, DHEA (dehydioepiandrosterone).
If you have thyroid problems, most alternative practitioners recommend testing the adrenals and if they are not functioning properly, that the adrenals be properly treated before the thyroid. The issue of adrenal fatigue is one that is, thankfully, getting more and more attention over the last few years.
Low metabolic energy therapies – an in-depth look at the adrenals and thyroid, the differences in symptoms, and the treatments.
I know many of you have dealt with adrenal fatigue, so I’d love it if you could share your story here in the comments of your symptoms and maybe how you began to heal!
If YOU think you might be experiencing health problems due to your thyroid not functioning properly, or if you’re unhappy with your current treatment plan, I highly suggest buying the Thyroid Sessions*. May 8, 2014 by Donielle Baker 6 Comments Part of overcoming and healing thyroid disorders (as well as any other health issue) is that sometimes you see setbacks. But I also know that my body is healing, because even after a setback, I’m bouncing back better than I had before. So on to the slightly delayed third part of our series on how to naturally heal the thyroid.
For those of you that are new to this information, we are often exposed to toxins and chemicals in our environment and they get in to our bodies.
BPA and xeno-estrogens (synthetic compounds that are similar in structure to our natural estrogen) from plastics, hygiene products and household materials. Our bodies were wonderfully created and have a natural cleansing system to get rid of these things, in small amounts. The liver is one of our largest organs and its main responsibility is to break down chemicals and toxins through it’s two stage detoxification process, which renders them harmless and secretes them out through our digestive system. This enzyme is also dependent of adequate selenium levels, but selenium is also one of the most potent chelators of mercury, meaning it binds to it to assist it’s removal from the body. Let me first say that heavy metal toxicity should be handled by a holistic health practitioner.
Reducing our exposure to toxins is extremely important and one of the reasons I choose to use as many natural and homemade products as I can.
So choosing natural cleaners and beauty products along with getting rid of things like non-stick pans and plastic food storage containers will help lessen the toxic load on the body.
I’ve talked about cleansing with whole foods before, but as a quick overview you can decrease the foods that are either harder to digest OR take longer to digest, (foods like grains, sugar, and animal proteins) and instead increase your consumption of foods that support the liver and bile production (foods like beets, lemon, garlic, and asparagus).

Making sure you’re eating a nutrient dense diet will also help build nutrients that are important in detoxification. Herbs can also be effective at helping the body rid itself of toxins and there are multiple herbs to look into. If YOU think you might be experiencing health problems due to your thyroid not functioning properly, or if you’re unhappy with your current treatment plan, I highly suggest signing up for the Thyroid Sessions*.
I don’t eat near as much sugar as I used to, but I could definitely focus a bit more time on making sure my meals are well-rounded, so as not to give me problems with my blood sugar balance. Come to find out, an increase in the consumption of sweets not only directly affects the production of our reproductive hormones, but also affects the production of thyroid hormones. One of the problems is when we do indulge, our pancreas secretes insulin into the blood stream to deal with rising glucose levels. When all of this is happening in the body, because it’s important for our survival, the rest of the hormone production takes a back seat. Low blood sugar, or reactive hypoglycemia (reacting to foods consumed), hypoglycemia, and insulin resistance all affect the adrenals, and therefore the thyroid as well. Skip the cereals and coffee, instead focusing on a healthy protein source like pastured eggs or grass-fed sausage. Whether or not the actual caffeine in black coffee affects your blood sugar levels, I know from personal experience that it plants the seed for craving sweets as the day goes on. People who have issues with their blood sugar regulation may find that eating a small amount of protein every few hours is very helpful at first. But otherwise focusing on making sure your meals consist of vegetables, meats, and some fruit will go a long way in helping your body learn to better control your blood glucose levels. After all of this research on how to heal the thyroid naturally, I keep coming across the idea that most doctors don’t order the tests that you really need. The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is released from the pituitary gland when the levels of T4 drop.
Most laboratories also give different ranges, as they all take an average of the tests from other people who come to their lab. This tests for the available T3 in the body, and since it is active thyroid hormone, is a good marker for how much of the hormone is accessible to your body and its cells. This lab test checks for any reverse T3 that the body produces; this can take place because of extreme stress or trauma. Vitamin B12: B12 is a vitamin which has a key role in red blood cell metabolism of your entire body, giving you energy, sharpness in your brain, and healthy nervous system functioning. Many of us have decent medical insurance where many, if not all, of these lab tests are fully covered. They have labwork specifically designed for readers of Stop the Thyroid Madness, as noted by STTM before the test name. If YOU think you might be experiencing health problems due to your thyroid not functioning properly, or if if you’re unhappy with your current treatment plan, I highly suggest signing up for the Thyroid Sessions*. It is important to note that we will suit your schedule to the best of our ability in order to assure a pleasant and productive programme. Facilities include a kitchenette, living space with television, stereo and a cosy fire, as well as a double and single guestroom, sleeping up 3 guests. Natural fertility tips, recipes for fertility, and natural living information to help you be the healthiest you can be.New? I almost cried when I got my hands on this book because it took me years to get all the information that was now in one book.
Sometimes having this disease will make you feel like you are losing it, but it is not you…and there are many of us that feel the same way.
For six months I worked with my chiropractor and supplementation as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. That all ended a few months later as I dealt with the physical and emotional stress of a miscarriage and has carried on for over a year. I tried everything I had tried before; desiccated adrenal supplements, vitamin C, no caffeine or sugar, lots of rest, reducing stress. Both the signal hormone and the cortisol can then inhibit TSH as well as block the conversion from T4 to T3, causing symptoms of low thyroid.
DHEA is used to metabolize cholesterol and make the conversion to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, so poor adrenal function can directly affect the reproductive system. Patient wisdom is a helpful thing for everyone when we share and get new ideas to research for ourselves. Hosted by Sean of Underground Wellness, this team of experts is covering everything you need to know about thyroid disorders and treatments. I’ve felt a lot better since my lab tests right before Christmas, more energy, better frame of mind, and my thoughts and projects were much more organized. Brownstein also writes in his book that he finds heavy metal toxicity in a large percentage of his patients (>80%) and in the case of autoimmune disorders, that percentage is almost 100%. Sop not only does mercury affect the thyroid directly, it may contribute to selenium deficiency and the lack of T4 to T3 conversion. This way they can test you (usually through hair and urine analysis) and observe and guide you through the process. This helps me to lower the amount of toxins I’m exposed to on a daily basis, because there will always be toxins around that I can not control. If you can lower the amount of toxins you ingest in the foods you eat by choosing organic produce and meats, you’ll be leaps and bounds healthier in this aspect. When our digestive system is working properly, and we are urinating multiple times per day and having at least one or two bowel movements in the same period of time,  we can be sure that any toxins we take in are being moved out in a timely fashion. Brownstein also recommends adequate water intake (between meals) to helps flush out toxins as well as carry nutrients into cells.

A couple of my favorites for liver support are nettle and milk thistle, though you can also find packaged blends specific for liver cleansing.
And the sicker you are, the more you should work with a holistic health practitioner to guide you through the process.
Because of my many, many years of too much sugar consumption, this area of my body is weak and very sensitive to a lot of sweets and refined carbs. My Sugar Detox Challenge is insanely popular this time of year as people try to tame their sweet tooth yet again. Carbohydrates are important of course, they are an essential nutrient, but have them as a small side instead of the main dish. Kharrazian mentions that this is one of the worst thing you can do, and it makes complete sense. Kharrazian has a fast for unwinding insulin resistance that you may find beneficial if you have a bad case of insulin resistance.
All the treatment options are the same; medication until the organ completely stops working.
It’s one of the most sensitive markers for thyroid function and is commonly the only one tested.
So if you live in an area where hypothyroid is quite common (like here in Michigan!) the ranges could be quite wide. Sometimes a lab is run for thyroid stimulating hormone antibodies if Graves disease is suspected. Here’s a list of labs you can check with – make sure to call as I found out there were more locations than stated on a couple of these sites! The ideal self catering option at Robin Hill, your refrigerator is stocked with your breakfast contents each morning, for your convenience. There are so many resources available, we just have to work at finding the right one for us. Last fall I kept trying to make it in to my doctor’s office, and in November and December I took most of that time and stayed away from my computer, focusing on my health and my family, but something was still not right. Wilson coined the term ‘adrenal fatigue’ back in the 90’s and it is basically an issue with the adrenals, whether they produce too much cortisol or too little, and the major symptom is fatigue. But after a couple of days of eating some indulgent foods and a couple of late nights, I again began to feel very tired and fatigued. As more and more cells of the body accumulate these harmful substances, the cells begin to lose their ability to work and communicate properly. Some doctors choose to use chelation, others may take different steps with supplements and herbs. And while I won’t die tomorrow, due to eating sugar, it was slowly destroying my body.
The adrenal hormones help to bring the blood sugar back up to normal levels, and these hormones cause stress in the body. I also find that eating a breakfast like this ensures that my hunger doesn’t come back ravenous in just a couple of hours. When you eat a high carbohydrate meal, or indulge in desserts, your insulin level will rise to counteract the blood glucose level, which will then drop to low. We’ll also look at what the functional ranges for each are, as most doctors look only at a pathological range. And some experts state that up to 90% of all cases of hypothyroidism are due to Hashimotos.
Another bonus is that most of the time these labs are much cheaper than the laboratories your doctor may send you to. Should you have any dietary requirements or food preferences, we will do our best to meet your needs. Wentz is a Hashi’s patient as well and I find this book information and easy to read.
The direct cause is different for everyone, but it’s brought on by frequent stress, either physical, emotional, or mental.
Each of us have a set amount of carbohydrates that our bodies can handle and it’s really important to listen to the cues of our body and pay attention to how much is too much for us. When this happens you still have hours to go before your next meal, so the adrenals have no choice other than to begin producing hormones to help fix the problem. Or until your diet and lifestyle help heal your thyroid and the medication is no longer needed.
From many women I’ve heard from, by the time their TSH was enough out of range to get treated medically, they were in really bad shape.
I have noticed though that many doctors are starting to look more at the functional ranges, which is a good thing. Because all the dietary advice in the world (low-carb, high-carb) isn’t going to help until we can figure out what our bodies need. Kharrazian also mentions that he will test a person twice (especially if they are on a gluten free diet already) if he suspects Hashimoto’s because the immune system fluctuates.
So if you feel fine before and while you’re eating, but get very tired about an hour later, you may have consumed too many carbs. Make a note of what meals make you sleepy and after a couple of weeks you should be able to figure out your carbohydrate limit.

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