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A more rounded belly means that your maternity clothes are now fitting you a little bit better. Create your own personalized pregnancy profile and record every milestone, moment and memory. Calculate your pre-pregnancy body mass index to determine what your target weight range should be for this pregnancy. I walked around with a pair of jeans unbuttoned all day yesterday and I just packed away some shorts from the summer that just aren’t stretchy enough around my hips. I will be 17 weeks along and we plan to actually hear the heart beat this time since we could only see it at 13 weeks.
I miss her terribly, but since we will have a baby in the house and Duke, this is the best thing for everyone. Nothing yet, but I try to lay still and see if I can feel anything that may feel unfamiliar or like a tickle in my belly haha.
Thankfully, veggies are back on the menu, but they have to be refreshing and light flavored.

I started at 121 lbs at my 8 week prenatal appointment, 124 lbs at my 9 week appointment due to constipation and went back down to 121 lbs at my 13 week appointment.
Such as the fruit smoothies, chicken salad sandwiches on occasion, pickles are refreshing (not a craving just edible) and the only actual craving I have had is strawberry shortcake.
It’s hard to drink that much water when it makes you nauseous to do anything but take small sips!
I decided it was time to grab some maternity clothes so I headed to Target over the weekend! I forgot to mention in my first pregnancy post that Remi (female) actually knew I was pregnant before I did! No meat except ground turkey on homemade tacos and fruit smoothies are a regular for breakfast.
We plan to let the dogs meet the baby, but will never leave them unattended since the dogs are quite large and Remi still has some puppy tendencies. He told me he’d take me to buy a few maternity things, so here is was I tried on and found the MOST comfortable.

I am not hoping for one gender over the other, but let’s just say we have only picked out a girls name and I am drawing a complete blank on boys names haha.
Paws go flying and bruises happen haha.  So we will have to do some planning with dog and baby nap times and some dog gates. I can’t seem to fit much in my belly right now and if I try to keep eating it turns into nausea. Than we asked the trainer a week later after we found out we were expecting if she could have sensed it and he said absolutely.

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