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I hereby cast my vote for this cat stealing copious amounts of meat as the new Arby's spokesman. A retired aerospace engineer named John Hetlinger who is 82 years old totally shocks the audience with a cover of Drowning Pool's "Bodies." Check it out! There is a reason signs like "Please Do Not Touch" are posted, especially at places like museums. The surveillance camera footage shows two visitors ignoring the "Please Don't Touch" signs to as they repeatedly fondle bits of the clock in an attempt to get it to run until it falls off the wall. His friends found him, then - I'm assuming after several minutes of laughter - called the fire department to rescue him.

A She literally broke the internet with her original video, got hooked up by Kohls and now got to hang with the director of Star Wars and James Corden!
The news is all the more awful shocking as Corey is still legally married to the mother of his twin girls Leah Messer. He explains how people use spit to kiss and that's gross, so he never wants to kiss someone. This Grandma was watching a Jurassic Park virtual reality and properly freaks out..I think it's my favorite so far! In fact, the two only just separated back in mid April.“She took a pregnancy test and it came out positive,” Amber’s friend Kacy Lynn Rogers confirms on the record.

And on top of that the 'I have kids to feed' lane as he proceeds to pull out enough meat for 87 people. I don’t even know if Amber will tell him for a while.”Meanwhile friends of Leah are worried she will lose it once she finds out about the reported pregnancy.

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