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Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. People with bipolar disorder experience unusually intense emotional states that occur in distinct periods called mood episodes.
During a mixed state, symptoms often include agitation, trouble sleeping, major changes in appetite, and suicidal thinking. Doctors usually diagnose mental disorders using guidelines from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. Bipolar I Disorder is mainly defined by manic or mixed episodes that last at least seven days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care. Bipolar II Disorder is defined by a pattern of depressive episodes shifting back and forth with hypomanic episodes, but no full-blown manic or mixed episodes. Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (BP-NOS) is diagnosed when a person has symptoms of the illness that do not meet diagnostic criteria for either bipolar I or II.
Substance abuse is very common among people with bipolar disorder. However, substance abuse may trigger or prolong bipolar symptoms, and the behavioral control problems associated with mania can result in a person drinking too much. Anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social phobia, also co-occur often among people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder also co-occurs with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which has some symptoms that overlap with bipolar disorder, such as restlessness and being easily distracted. People with bipolar disorder are also at higher risk for thyroid disease, migraine headaches, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other physical illnesses. These illnesses may cause symptoms of mania or depression.
There is currently no test for bipolar disorder, despite genetic and brain structure factors, and no cure. In this section, women can find information about the most common and uncommon early menopause symptoms and signs. Women generally start feeling some symptoms when they enter perimenopause, the second stage of the menopause process. The early menopause symptoms mentioned above are those of which most women claim to experience during menopause.
Besides the early menopause symptoms mentioned in the previous chart, women experience other symptoms that are not as common. Not every woman experiences all the symptoms; even their frequency and severity vary in each woman.
If women have already identified their symptoms as those of early menopause, it is time to find out about the different ways to get relief.
Age, family history, change in periods and mood are all factors that help to determine whether or not you're experiencing early menopause.
The way your symptoms develop and the speed they get worse depends on the causes of dementia. When you are facing to some troubling memory problems, you may immediately believe that ita€™s dementia. There are some cases that people havingA trouble with eating or swallowing can lead to chest infections, choking, and other problems.
It is common to meet the situations that people with dementia become more difficult in speaking and even lose the ability of speak after aA  short time. For a close example, the conversations with the elderly parent having dementia may be more difficult and take more time than usual. Besides the struggle to complete normal tasks, they may meet the difficulty learning to do something new or follow some new routines. One of the most important function of the brain is the sense of direction and spatial orientation, and the ability to do this function may start to decline when having dementia. Moreover, they can have difficulty following series of directions or step-by-step instructions.
For those who have dementia, repetition is common because they lose their memory and change their general behavior. These people also may ask the same questions or repeat a sentence in a conversation even they have just talked.
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A graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine, Meeta Shah is a board certified-emergency medicine physician with 10 years of clinical experience.
Other common symptoms may include increased urination, weight gain, food cravings and dizziness. National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: What Are Some Common Signs of Pregnancy?
National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: What are Some Common Signs of Pregnancy?
Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness is a serious brain disorder with unusual mood changes. Normally, the people with bipolar disorder will have extreme mood swings from mania to depresion. The main character of bipolar disorder is the up-and-down episodes of depression and mania. On the contrary, they can be in a depressed episode when they lack the energy for doing daily activities. Speaking quickly and changing ideas rapidly are also the warning signs of bipolar disorder.
The more severe action than uncompleted tasks is the impulsive and self-destructive behavior from the patients.
Less time for sleep may be a sign of bipolar disorder or symptoms of depression or anxiety.

The patient will often have trouble at work because the above signs interfere them to express themselves and work productively. The people with bipolar disorderA often have other problems that can affect seriously on their health and life like substance abuse, attention deficit or ADHD, anxiety disorders, other mental illnesses. An overly joyful or overexcited state is called a manic episode, and an extremely sad or hopeless state is called a depressive episode. Moderate depression may cause less extreme symptoms, and mild low mood is called dysthymia when it is chronic or long-term. During hypomanic episodes, a person may have increased energy and activity levels that are not as severe as typical mania, or he or she may have episodes that last less than a week and do not require emergency care. The symptoms of mania or depression must be a major change from the person’s normal behavior.
People who have cyclothymia have episodes of hypomania that shift back and forth with mild depression for at least two years. This is when a person has four or more episodes of major depression, mania, hypomania, or mixed symptoms within a year. Some people experience more than one episode in a week, or even within one day.
Perimenopause can last up to ten years (if presented naturally) or could be avoided altogether (in the case of surgical removal of the reproductive organs). However, when early menopause is brought on by removal of the uterus or ovaries, the symptoms tend to be severe because hormone production falls dramatically. They are related to early menopause signs, which are the physical manifestation of a health condition.
Nevertheless, research has shown that women going through early menopause due to surgical procedures do suffer an increased in the intensity of their symptoms. To learn how to fight early menopause symptoms, please visit the early menopause treatments section.
Common symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, disturbed sleep, and mood swings may also be symptoms of entering menopause.
And there is a fact that dementia is not absolutely a disease, and it is a group of symptoms that are caused by other diseases. Plus, it can be caused by the brain damage that happens after a stroke or injury, and from some diseases such as Huntingtona€™s or Lewy body dementia. That means it is difficult for you to find out your problem and it may become serious if even your friends and family dona€™t care about these symptoms.
That means the symptoms and experience of dementia can be actually different between other people. The article listed the most popular symptoms of dementia from reliable sources so that you can absolutely believe in. Click To Tweet If they repeat eating in the early stage because of confusion, they become bored with food in the later one. Therefore, it is necessary to keep communicating with these people or aware and use non-verbal means of communication with them. Because the reason above that they find difficulty using the right words, they sometimes dona€™t remember the meanings of words they hear, dona€™t understand what they hear. It often takes a longer time for them to handle something and they may get difficulty in doing more complex things.
Therefore, people who have dementia can even not remember their familiar landmarks or forget familiar directions.
When thinking, memory, or judgment lapses, this symptom can arise because they cannot remember other peoplea€™s faces, use the right words, or communicate with people normally. For example, missing house keys, forgetting who someone is, knowing what have to do at the weekenda€¦ are the expression of confusion.
It is not easy for people with dementia to aware this aspect in yourself, but it is easy for others to notice this symptom. You can notice the people with dementia that they gradually lose interest in their old hobbies or used activities. They suddenly cana€™t remember their close friends or cana€™t follow what others are saying. After reading the article of 11 early symptoms of dementia, hope that it can help you aware and understand more about dementia. After years of countless patient interactions and treating various conditions, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with readers. During this time, the symptoms of pregnancy -- other than missing a period -- begin to emerge.
Hormone changes are primarily responsible, causing the breasts to grow to prepare to produce milk. Always consult with your doctor if you suspect you may be pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.
Low energy can lead to abnormal sleeping habits that affected on the sufferera€™s life and health. The impulsiveness can lead to the irresponsible actions of the bipolar individual like playing truant, taking part in the dangerous activities. If you have any question or idea for this topic, you can write your comment in the following part of this website. A person having a hypomanic episode may feel very good, be highly productive, and function well. Rapid cycling seems to be more common in people who have severe bipolar disorder and may be more common in people who have their first episode at a younger age. Reactions to medications are unpredictable, and the best treatment is usually found through trial and error.
Women in their 20s and 30s need to be informed about all possible symptoms that could be identified as early menopause signs.

However, depending on the cause of its onset, the frequency and severity of symptoms might vary. Read on to learn more about the early symptoms that indicate this important life transition is coming.
Fortunately, treatments are available to decrease the impact of early menopause in your life. They tend to change and be more severe while your brain is more damaged and works less effectively, so it is a good idea to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. To help you to be alert about dementia, we would like to recommend some outstanding symptoms of it through this article.
It is difficult for them to understand simple pieces of information, conduct some basic tasks or follow any instructions.
So it is important that there be people who help them at mealtimes to make sure they eat enough.
That means they cana€™t seem to explain anything and they are just able to reach for the right words while impossible to grasp them.
So, they have to struggle to follow along with a TV program or conversation, which means they cana€™t follow the storylines.
You can see your elderly parent repeating daily tasks such as collecting items or even eating. If you have any question, leave your comments below, I will respond soon.A  Also, if you know other symptoms of dementia, please leave them below.
Your body is working hard to nurture a new life, producing hormones to support the pregnancy. Sometimes, they can be very bad when putting the pressure about their condition on the others. Or they may have spending sprees, risky investments or flagrant affair in which overspending is typical. For the patients with the sign of typical insomnia, they will feel quite tired during the day while the patients with bipolar disorder in manic episode often feel full of energy. The reason for them to have alcohol or drug abuse is to improve their mood whenever they feel depressed. The children with bipolar disorder can result in damaged relationships, bad school performance, more seriously, they can try to suicide. This person may not feel that anything is wrong even as family and friends recognize the mood swings as possible bipolar disorder. One study found that people with rapid cycling had their first episode about four years earlier, during mid to late teen years, than people without rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Rapid cycling affects more women than men. Since mood stabilization is a primary focus, many people choose to pursue natural therapies, including light, exercise, diet, meditation, herbs, and affirmation. When it comes to specific symptoms, women experience pregnancy differently, and even the same woman may report different symptoms in separate pregnancies.
More of your metabolism is devoted to support the rapid development of the new life within. The disease is often mistaken for ADHD that can lead to the mistakes in treating bipolar disorder and can trigger severe symptoms.
So, one of the treatments for bipolar disorder is to regulate the sleep cycle for the patient. Or when they are stressful about their jobs, life or anything can make them lose their control. Hence, if your friends, children or anyone you know that have the following signs of bipolar disorder, you should lead them to visit to the doctor. You may forget the old melody or even the recent one such as what you have just done or where you put your phone at. Early symptoms may include nausea, fatigue, breast soreness, mood changes and more frequent urination. Far fewer are clinically depressed, but hormones do not seem to protect from depression, and life stress, lack of social support and domestic violence can increase the risk of depression during pregnancy.
On the contrary, it is called depression if they feel quite sad or down and less active than usual. You need to have knowledge of two diseases in order to analyze their behaviorsa€™ changes, since then, avoid ADHD misdiagnosis.
It can become more dangerous in children than teens and adults when they try to hurt themselves or suicide. These actions can be the warning signs of bipolar disorder that you need to pay attention to.
That is why the people with bipolar disorder have suicidal thoughts should be taken care of much more than usual.
According to some experts, the people with bipolar disorder often feel to have boundless energy.
Some factors that can lead to bipolar disorder are genes with its familial character, abnormal brain structure and brain function, anxiety disorders. Leta€™s see the early warning signs of bipolar disorder in children and adults in order to know more about this disease. It means that they often do the tasks or unrealistic projects unfinishedly and move on to other tasks.

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