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My sister just had her 7th baby and I just had my 5th… but we have never had babies within the same year before. The new mom suffered from a major Marilyn Monroe moment on the red carpet, when a gust of wind blew up to reveal her derriere! Amber Levonchuck, known as Amber Rose, supported her beau, Wiz Khalifa, 25, at the BET Awards at the Nokia Theatre in LA on June 30. The stylish 29-year-old model, recording artist, and actress was wearing a black and yellow Versace dress with accents around the arms which concealed her tattoos. To compliment the bold ensemble she added a bright pink lip, offering a pop of color to the vibrant look.

Amber’s derriere was caught on camera as her gorgeous, skater-style dress blew upwards due to a gust of wind.
While we’re glad she was able to laugh it off she could have avoided it all together had she worn the proper undergarments!
Her strappy black sandals were a great addition to the outfit, matching her jet black nails. Unfortunately Amber didn’t look like she realized she was flashing her bare butt to the crowd, not doing much at first to stop her skirt from blowing up. The top of the dress was fitted and the sweetheart neckline allowed the star to flaunt her assets in the bold print.

Once she did realize what happened, she managed to gracefully laugh off her wardrobe malfunction like a pro and hugged it out with Wiz in front of the cameras. I know the older I get the more I enjoy and cherish my kids being little, and I think the same is true for her. The silhouette of the frock cinched in her waist and accentuated her curvaceous, post-baby body.

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