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At the same time, I feel like I’m dawning, slowly, on what living for me, really means. A few weeks ago my mom stapled pages of a story in one of her women’s magazines together and handed it to me. One in four callers to the National Domestic Abuse hotline said that their partners had tried to force them to become pregnant. Many voters never consider how defunding these clinics could hurt victims of domestic violence who turn to them for counseling as well as pregnancy prevention. I know I’ve told this story before, but my abusive ex refused to let me take birth control. I went to the Student Health Center—they were completely unhelpful, choosing to lecture me about the importance of safe sex (recommending condoms) instead of actually listening to my problem. When I told her that my boyfriend read my emails and listened to my phone messages and was known to follow me, she suggested to do the Depo injections at off hours when the clinic was normally closed. Planned Parenthood helped me get Plan B following me being taken advantage of when I was drunk and couldn’t confide in my parents or family.
We moved pretty fast as a couple but it was only because we knew we were right for each other.'We moved in together after just six months.

It is a term that was quite recently coined by the advocates against domestic violence to describe a certain type of abuse some women face. Abused women will turn to health care providers long before they will turn to domestic abuse hotlines and organizations. While I was at Planned Parenthood, getting my IUD out (my old gynecologist wanted $100 to take it out when it needed to come out, because I was uninsured; PP did it for free), there was a woman going through an almost identical situation as described above in the room next to me. He has been with me all the way through, and he is just amazing.'I keep feeling awful because he is going to be a widower because of me, but he only ever cares about what is best for me. Many women in abusive relationships rely on life saving, affordable care programs such as Title X.
I tried really hard not to pay attention to it, and I informed the nurse that I could hear the conversation so they might want to, I dunno, look into better soundproofing, but I was in tears the entire time. Birth control was never an option for her because she couldn’t hide pills anywhere for he went through all of her belongings.
These type of abusers want to create a circumstance in which their partner is dependent on him. It is critical that such places are open and operation when women and children need them so desperately. She recounts, “I had finally met a great guy who was eager to start a family with me.

Marital rapeOver 75% of women 19-49 who reported once experiencing domestic violence also endured some type of reproductive control by men.
During her recovery she begged her obstetrician to remove her ovaries and devise a lie to tell him; that she had cancer. She was in much pain at the time due to her back, but she agreed to In Vitro Fertilization. After a decade of sexual abuse and violence she was able to get a job that kept her out of the house and often times traveling. He apologized, blaming his outburst on his grief and had her sign up for another round of IVF.
She tried to put him off with the excuse that she needed to weigh more before she could take treatments, her husband forced her to get on the scale often and filled the fridge with fattening foods. At the end, he screamed at her, threatening to replace her with a maid if she couldn’t get pregnant and she told him she no longer wanted to have his child.

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