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As soon as we confirmed I was pregnant and by that I really mean: as soon as I finished taking nothing short of 7 or 8 different brands of pregnancy tests (while Mr.
So about 8 weeks into this whole thing away we drove to meet my family at our parents’ beach house.  I remember the whole ride down talking to Mr.
If you know us, and you guys should probably know me well enough by now, announcing our baby news the way we did was pretty fitting for us. We had so much fun announcing the news to our family and friends, and continue to feel overwhelmed by the love and support from everyone who has sent us well wishes, cards and congratulations.
Finally, it is possible that other factors within the endometrium and from the conceptus regulate HSD11B1 and PTGS2 expression in the ovine uterus.

Moreover, HSD11B2 is expressed and functional in first trimester trophoblast cells of human placentae where it has been implicated in successful embryo attachment and implantation. The authors thank all members of the Laboratory for Uterine Biology and Pregnancy for assistance and management of the sheep, and Andrea Lloyd for technical assistance with measuring cortisol. This entry was posted in Effects of Pregnancy and tagged antiluteolytic effects, endometrial luminal, glandular epithelia. Despite extensive studies of the developmental consequences of increased glucocorticoid exposure of pregnant sheep, relatively little is known regarding the significance of HSD11B1 and glucocorticoids in early pregnancy in any species. Glucocorticoids are hypothesized to exert many actions that could both negatively and positively affect key aspects of early pregnancy (for review, see ).

The physiological role for placental HSD11B1 in parturition is clearly delineated in its physiological role from placental HSD11B2 regarding protection of the fetus from excess cortisol (for review, see ).
Indeed, pregnancy rates are greater in women undergoing standard in vitro fertilization who receive synthetic glucocorticoids prior to or immediately after embryo transfer.

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