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The fact that oriental medicine and acupuncture are methods of treatment that do not have any side effects makes them ideal to use during pregnancy as they pose no threat to the mother or the baby.
According to Chinese medicine the process of labor in a woman is slowed down due to stagnation of Qi and blood in the woman’s body. Massaging is also a technique that falls under the bracket of Chinese medicine for pregnancy. It is well known that women tend to get quite emotional during their pregnancies due to hormonal changes. Chinese medicine encompasses a number of different kinds of massages such as Shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na and Jin Shin. Find out about the different techniques used to treat pregnant women in traditional medical treatment from China.Chinese medicine has a number of ways in which it can help women overcome pregnancy related problems. The acupuncturist can find needle points that can help clear this stagnation and restore the balance back to normal.

This is why a Chinese massage has a very calming effect on pregnant women and can be very effective in keeping them calm. The different kinds of massages provide mild stimulation starting from the skin and having their effects on the organs and tissues. The Chinese have been using these techniques for over 3000 years and now the global community is coming to recognize the effectiveness of their ancient techniques. Furthermore acupuncture may also bring relief from common pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, morning sickness, constipation, heartburn and backache. Chinese medicine has a collection of herbal formulas that can help pregnant woman during and after pregnancy. By aiding circulation, digestion and excretion along with reducing pain Chinese massages can help pregnant women to come up with the physical conditions that they experience during the course of nine months.
Amongst the herbal formulas are such that will help the woman to retain her strength and vitality at the time of giving birth.

The massage is carefully conducted in order to avoid exerting pressure on the abdominal and sacral areas especially during the first trimester. According to the Chinese understanding labor and the production of breast milk take up a great amount of Qi. Chinese herbal medicines can therefore be helpful in boosting the Qi and restoring the balance.

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