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Early in the second trimester is when it is most challenging to know how to properly clothe oneself. So I came up with a few ways to expand my wardrobe without spending a small fortune.¬†Shop Your ClosetFirst thing is first. I’m heading into week 18 and have had the hardest time dressing myself for work this last few days! This was in hopes that I or my husband would change our minds and possibly have another, though the latter was adamant that he would not. Going through my closet and putting away everything I know will not fit in the next few weeks (to the next year or more to be honest) is essential to determining what I really need.

I kept a few pieces out that I know I could use for a bit longer, like drawstring pants, anything jersey knit I do not mind stretching out a bit ( hello high street stores), and all my blazers.Get a Belly BandWith my first, I gained a lot of weight. Still on cloud nine from our trip and the ease we found in traveling with two under five, I decided that our family was complete so I rid of all my maternity clothing.
With my second, I showed sooner but gained less and now, my belly is at 15 weeks, what it was at 7 with my son. It is safe to say, I will probably still be able to wear my boyfriend jeans (my ultimate go to) for a few more weeks as long as I do not zip it up.
After the shock wore off and my pants started to fit a bit snug, I realized I had nothing to wear because priorities, right?.

With the upcoming expense of a third child, an almost six year old with after school activity expenses (really Cheerleading is how much?), and in 2016, we will have two in diapers, the thought of a new maternity wardrobe seems so hard to swallow. If I plan properly, I can capsule wardrobe this pregnancy and find myself only needing a few pieces I can mix and match, spending a lot less than I have before. Bargain HuntMy favorite maternity dress when I was expecting my first was a $2 find at the local thrift.
Some may turn their noses up, but even as a student, I found the best pieces at a thrift from authentic fur coats (I wouldn't buy one otherwise but I would recycle one) to authentic vintage designer pieces at a fraction of their worth thanks to employees who cannot tell the difference one way or another.

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