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Senators voted 19-0 to pass Senate Bill 2982 also known as the proposed Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2015.
MANILA, Philippines — The Senate on Monday approved on third and final reading a bill that pushes for a 100-day maternity leave in the public and private sectors. Voting in favor of Senate Bill 2982 or the proposed Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2015 were 19 senators. Once enacted into law SB 2982 will extend the current 60 days maternity leave for government employees and 60 to 78 days for employees in the private sectors to 100 days regardless of the mode of delivery.

Cayetano, also the chair of the Senate committee on women, children, family, relations and gender equality, noted that the current allowable maternity leave is less than the minimum 98 days requirement of the International Labor Organization.
The senator said mothers can also avail of an additional maternity leave of 30 days "without pay" provided that the employee gives the head of the agency an early written notice of 45 days before the end of her ordinary maternity leave.
Under SB 2982, employees from the private sector availing of the maternity leave period and benefits will receive not less than two-thirds of their regular monthly wages.
Employers who pay workers on commission, boundary or task basis and those engaged in the production, processing, or manufacturing of products and commodities including agro-processing, trading and services with total assets of not more than P3 million are also exempted.

Pia Cayetano, sponsor of the pending measure, said it aims to provide mothers with adequate transition time to regain their health and overall wellness as well as to assume their maternal roles before resuming to full-time work. Employers who are operating distressed establishments and retail or service establishments employing not more than ten workers are exempted from giving cash.

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