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As soon as Dalia steps into the office, you can't help but have a big smile on your face and know that you will be up for a not-so-typical day with her presence! Maternity jeans for tall women must be specifically designed for the taller frame and all of our jeans follow a detailed design process and are rigorously tested. These tall maternity jeans can be bought as part of the Tall Maternity Capsule offering even more value for money. The youngest member of the Fustany Team is really a moving bundle of joy with an eclectic sense of fashion and style. From skinny jeans to trendy tops, you will be able to put great looks together for every occasion.
Please fill in your email address and due date to receive emails and offers from us and our partners. Marc Jacobs is her favorite designer yet at the same time she adores the artistic vibe of Alexander McQueen and the quirkiness of Lanvin.

Throwing jokes here and there, Dalia keeps her energy levels up by making sure she eats an apple everyday, as she thinks of it as her Red Bull can. Feel comfortable with the changes happening in your body and pamper your baby bump by picking the right pair of jeans.
Her over-sized handbag includes the most random things, think pantoufle (true story!) and her camera that she loves and can rarely be spotted without.
Maternity jeans definitely differ than normal jeans so the first thing you need to focus on is its material, it should be less denim and more stretchy and comfortable.Don't pick very low rise jeans or a tight fit jeans, you can actually try on your regular size at first. Dalia might surprise you with her alter ego when you least expect it, be ready for it or for her other 10 personalities, we think she has an awesome acting career ahead of her. A typical Dalia moment at the office is casually finding her talking to herself while video-editing!
You don't need to pick a size bigger than yours unless you found it a little tight from your bottom or thighs.As you move into your second trimester, you will notice changes in your body shape and this would be the time to start shopping from the maternity section.

The most common maternity jeans is "under the bump" yet it can be uncomfortable to some as you wouldn't be used to the elastic belly band it includes. There is "on the bump" jeans in which the belly band provides certain amount of support to your bump and then there's "over the bump" jeans which is similar to high-waist jeans and they make your body seem a lot slimmer.
Instead of the belly band, some maternity jeans come with elastic side panels on the top which will also expand as your bump grows.Consider the leg cut while picking your maternity jeans as it has a great impact on flattering your body. Your body is changing after all so a new cut might fit you better!Don't be afraid to follow the latest trends during your pregnancy, be a fashionista with a bump and opt for a pair of ripped jeans or even a floral one.

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