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Evymama is a true fashion boutique with everything you’d expect of a normal clothes boutique: both top-notch, exclusive items and prices that sometimes make you feel like fainting — especially when you imagine that all the pieces purchased here are designed as a short-term wear.
The selection of nursing tops and bras in the boutique is legendary and the shop assistants are really experienced in assessing what will fit you, which can prove very helpful in the nursing period, when everybody has a difficult time guessing their size.
Rhonda Maternity has been taking care of expecting women’s style since 1971, so it’s quite possible that our own mothers looked for designs here when expecting us. With such a stunning breadth of experience, Rhonda and her staff clearly know how to run their business and deliver exactly what women need. Customers have plenty of designer lines to choose from: Rhonda Maternity has its own collection, but you can also find pieces by Queen Mum, Ocean Lily, Citizens of Humanity, Boob, Pouch, Isabella Oliver, Michael Starts, and many others.
Belly Maternity has succeeded in bringing exclusive, high-end fashion to the maternity wear scene in Toronto.
Becoming is not just a specialized maternity wear shop: it’s a whole centre offering everything that future parents might need, starting from the necessary stuff for babies like baby carriers or bath and skincare products, to maternity clothes, new lines of parenting products, Becoming gifts or classes, and lectures delivered by experienced specialists. While it would be difficult to claim that Becoming is the hot spot of maternity fashion, the truth is that probably no other business in the city offers such diverse service for future parents. KICK Maternity is another store on the list of the best specialized maternity shops in the city. As a first-time home buyer, I was extremely nervous about almost every phase of purchasing a home. Thankfully, the times when pregnant fashion was an oxymoron and all available maternity clothes were huge, tent-like pieces are long gone. There is also a wall covered with lovely maternity accessories and maternity Spanx to choose from. Even though the shop is located in Yorkville, which is known for upscale fashion and jaw-dropping prices, you can always find affordable pieces alongside the exclusive designer brands here, so even customers without sky-high budgets will be satisfied (especially when browsing through the nice sale rack!).

The service is very attentive and you can actually feel the years of experience when talking to them (though they may be too attentive for some customers’ taste). Under a new ownership, you will experience the same excellent service as some of your favourite staff still works there.
Where so many others (especially cheaper maternity boutiques and not to mention mall stores) fail terribly, Belly Maternity triumphs. The co-owner of the boutique virtually grew up in her mother’s maternity store in Yorkville. Thanks to the experience acquired through long-term assistance for expecting mums, Becoming staff offers top assistance with any problems or questions you might have and knows all the baby products inside out — which is especially helpful when you’re expecting your first child and have no idea about anything.
The boutique features beautiful maternity apparel and accessories, beauty products, jewellery, and the latest fashionable diaper bags. For the toddlers, there is a comfy sofa and fun books for all ages.” We can only add that the best part for many people is simple: a bowl full of candies is provided! In Toronto, future moms have a growing number of hip shops specializing in trendy maternity clothes to choose from, so there’s no need to give up looking great for nine months; on the contrary, this is your time, so enjoy it to the fullest! As one of very few places in Toronto, the shop not only features maternity lines but also nursing pieces so customers can choose from a whole range of brands from popular Canadian maternity line Jules and Jim to luxury nursing underwear Cache Coeur Nursing Lingerie, which Evymama exclusively imports straight from France.
Shop assistants in Evymama have proven to be very helpful, but some find them a bit too active, so don’t be surprised when they try to help you even against your will. However, as with Evymama, making yourself look and feel pretty while you are nine months and waddling unfortunately doesn’t come for. On the other hand, some customers have noted that the whole business can get a bit disorganized, probably due to the overwhelming number of services it’s trying to provide. Customers can choose from a large number of hip designer lines, including Designer Denim from Citizens of Humanity, JBrand, Paige, and Maternal America, and clothing designers Maternal America, Olian, Michael Stars, Ripe, Noppies Maternity, NOM and Lilac.

If you prefer purchasing all you need without running around the city, you might also like to check out the online store Evymama runs on its webpage. Upscale jeans from JBrands and Paige are another good reason why it’s worth visiting the boutique.
Compared to other similar stores, the choice of clothes is especially varied when it comes to maternity business clothes, so that expecting moms don’t have to fear losing their refined style in the office.
Like the other shops, an online store is provided in case you don’t feel like leaving your bed but are still overrun by a shopping compulsion. Belly Maternity is also the first shop in Canada to carry Rosie Pope collection from Slice TV’s ‘Pregnant in Heels’ and several media personalities in Toronto, including Liza Fromer and Jessica Holmes, have used their services during their pregnancy. On the other hand, if you really need a dress to wear for a more formal event, this is the place to look. Besides having a nice boutique to roam through, KICK Maternity also knows how to treat its visitors. One of the latest additions to the inventory are stylish accessories by three Canadian jewelers (Green Bijou, Stonefox Originals, and Caprice Akram Designs).
Shoppers outside of Toronto who can’t make it down to the Mount Pleasant store can order all pieces online.
You can look forward to the launch of their own label called "Belly", which should be available at the store from mid-February.

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