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During pregnancy it is very important that one is careful not only about the eating and other essential habits but also about the type of clothes one wears especially in winters. Make sure that you are not wearing both too tight under and upper clothes as that might cause pain in turn putting pressure on the baby too. For instance, start with picking from the loose yet trendy sweaters for this winter season which you will find in the wide collection of the bump coture off shoulder knit top.
Your next pick can be a flowing cardigan which works wonders in all the stages when being pregnant. Or maybe you can pick a hooded sweater which can be easily clubbed with your everyday clothes and make you fashionable and trendy in spite of the baby bump.
In fact, you can even layer the hooded sweater with a stylish tee shirt under giving a casual look to your outfit. The scoopneck cardigan makes the preferred choice of many pregnant women owing to the feature that it buttons up at the top.

You may also find a duo cardigan sweater which has short sleeves in case if you are in need of only a bit of warmth. You can make out from the look of this piece that it definitely does not look like a sweater but surely like a fashionable top long enough to cover your belly in high comfort.Now you would be wondering that although the name is off shoulder but you still see it covering your shoulders well enough. Now as the name says hooded sweater so, you can undoubtedly even cover your head to keep warm in those chilly days. The comfortable feature is that although it buttons up at the top but still does not choke your neck as it is not close enough to the neck.
However, you will find yourself in perfect warmth as a result of the sweater is a blend of acrylic, cotton and nylon. It is simply because of the gathering at the top of the sweater around the neck where the sweater although being off shoulder provides you enough material to keep you well covered and warm.

The feature of button being absent in turn makes it easy to stretch and expand over the growing belly with time. In fact, pregnant women usually wear to hide their growing baby bump apart from wearing something extremely fashionableand comfy. So, the scoopneck easily gives you enough breathing space along with keeping you aptly warm at the top and the chest which tends to easily catch cold.It is advised to pair this cardigan with say a short sleeve shirt so that you can change in no time if required.
Layer this sweater with either a blouse or a tee shirt and you are just ready to walk out to anywhere.
Moreover, the deep round neck of the cardigan gives you an extreme fashion appeal in turn making you look a perfect fashionable would be mommy.

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