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Strife Clothing examines the latest trends in clothing and fashion in the marketplaces around the world. Earlier, I was trying to remember what on earth I did for my expectant Halloween, and so I dug into my blog archive to discover that I was 7 months pregnant and home sick for the night. When I was pregnant with my daughter I dressed up as Juno (complete with a bottle of Sunny D) and my hubby went as her boyfriend (I think his name was Bleaker?) It was so funny to see him in short shorts and sweat bands! Thanks for Visiting!Amy Bellgardt is a wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, social media strategist, nerd, coffee drinker and founder of Mom Spark. I’ve definitely brought out my maternity leggings as well as a few tops for the days when I’m feeling exceptionally bloated and gross.  Most days, however, I can wear non-maternity clothes.
Feeling relatively human on Sunday.  I was able to complete 5 mini me papers and eat regularly!

Nothing makes me ill when I smell or think about it, but there’s not much that sounds appetizing (hence all the smoothies I’ve been consuming).
Enter your email address to subscribe to 7x7xMommy and receive notifications of new posts by email. I still fit in non-maternity clothes, but I’m excited to report that I just ordered a pair of these last night.  I’ve always wanted white jeans…fingers crossed they fit!
Having our first appointment and getting confirmation that everything is going well thus far! Going to the dentist today.  Weird?  Maybe…but I love having clean teeth….plus, it means I get a “break” while Travis hangs out with Abby downtown! The Pregnant Skeleton: Part of me thinks this is adorable, while another part of me grapples with the imagery of a little skull baby. The Pregnant Zombie: I think we can all agree that this one’s not for the faint of heart!

I wore a black tee and printed out a white circle with the number 8 printed on it in black. If you happen to be searching for a little inspiration, check out these clever (if not hilarious and disturbing) ideas below! I hope you all have a much better celebration — especially if you’re in your 3rd trimester!
Living the #indieparent life with her partner Rich and awesome daughter Gretchen, she spends her days typing and drinking copious amounts of tea, and watching Gilmore Girl reruns.

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