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March 11, 201421 CommentsI’ve been a busy, busy lady this week!  In fact, my schedule is pretty much crazy the rest of the week. Daylight Savings has also messed me up!  I LOVE the extra daylight, but it’s interesting how that ONE hour time change can have such an affect on me.
When we got to the park, the kids played on the playground and we had a lot of fun racing across the baseball field.  Jimmer (the dog) LOVED racing too and, of course, he always won. I kept reminding him that I am a wuss and I WAS running as fast as I could!  He was a little disappointed, so I encouraged him to race the dog instead. I topped my cereal with some blueberries and it tasted wonderful!  I also decided to cut up some hard boiled eggs (mostly whites) on the side so I could get some protein in as well.
Yesterday, I topped mine with some peanut butter, blueberries, bananas and sugar free syrup and it tasted so good to me.  I also had some scrambled eggs (1 egg + 2 whites) on the side topped with tomatoes and low sugar ketchup.

I used some of the Power Greens I bought the other day and topped them with turkey taco meat, fat free refried beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, cheese, low fat sour cream and salsa.  I also broke up some Food Should Taste Good chips on top.  YUM!
I cut up a fresh pineapple and some kiwi fruit on the side too.  Everyone gobbled that right up! Yes, I’ve had issues today.  I better wrap this post up and go to bed so I can have a better day tomorrow, huh? I have several decent options in there, but MAN, there were some SCARY things in there too!!!  Eeeee. I laughed and laughed at this post, partly from Fat Guy in a Little Coat, but not all due to that. Then I remembered the time my son wanted wanted to race and I said Yes, but he replied he meant that he wanted to race his little sister, not me, because she was fast enough to make him feel challenged, and I wasn’t!

Oh my heavens, I’ve had the same feelings going through my maternity clothes… to give them to a friend! I survived my pregnancy with one pair of maternity jeans, one pair of black dress pants and a whole lot of leggings with tunics. Usually when I’ve just done a lot of traveling for work or had a killer weak in the gym.
I hear ya on the sleep thing….without proper or adequate sleep, I tend to feel really queasy, get headaches and just grumpy and only want chocolate, lol!

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