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Their friend Annemarie Roeper, giftedness educator, told us that they became increasingly distressed when they were working on their last book, Curious George Goes to the Hospital (1966).  The idea that George might actually be ill enough to require hospitalization led them to revise the manuscript multiple times, ultimately having him swallow a puzzle piece rather than suffer from a serious injury or illness.
Some writers of children’s books never married and were childless by situation, including Louisa May Alcott, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Andersen, and J.M.
Eleanor Porter, who wrote Pollyanna, and Kate Wiggin, author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, were infertile, and each wrote about childless women and orphaned or abandoned children, and  Pollyanna and Rebecca, in fact, are both adopted. Some of the greatest writers of children’s fiction, including Maurice Sendak, were childless, and their creativity and generativity allowed them to leave gifts like Where the Wild Things Are to the next generation, and the next, and the next. Finding infertility support groups in your community might help you to get through the harder times on your journey to have a child.
Seeking out a community counselor who specializes in issues associated with infertility might also be a helpful option.
Of course, talking to your partner is a good way to release some of those feelings that upset you and cause you to be depressed. The holidays can be stressful for anyone…many people dread the holidays, but they  can be particularly difficult for infertility couples. Or, take control over some of the celebration and limit the time you do spend….decide when you want to go there and when you want to leave. Plan some quality time with family and friends with whom you know you will feel comfortable. Prepare yourself ahead of time for the inevitable awkward questions, such as  “When are you going to start a family?”  Have a comeback answer ready. Get information about dealing with the stress of holidays and infertility from well-respected support groups. One of the most painful of all human experiences is that of deeply longing for a child and yet not having this child.
Remember how Scrooge had his Christmas Eve slumber interrupted three times by ghosts  from his past, present, and what might be in his future?  These spirits were not welcome, but their visits enlightened him.  They helped him make new decisions and because of their visits, he made changes to his life that were healing. We too can use our own painful memories, our current crises, and our fears of what lie ahead, to inform and instruct us.  We can make decisions that are sensitive to our need for protection, comfort, honest reassurance, and nurturance of ourselves and our marriage.
In a time of failed cycles, miscarriages and the pain of pregnancies lost, we find our Present filled with uncomfortable doctor visits, angry rifts between spouses, and the monthly return of menstrual blood to mock our fruitless efforts.  It is here we experience an emotional plummet, as if we have awoken from a Christmas Eve filled with expectancy only to find that we were somehow left off of Santa’s list. Charles Dickens describes the Ghost of Christmas Future with these words, For the very air in which the Spirit moved it seem to scatter gloom and mystery….
The holiday season is an especially painful time for those who have experienced significant losses in their lives. And to make things worse, there’s a unique holiday pressure: the pressure (both from within us and from outside of us) to attend these festive events with a smile on our face and a heart full of joy.
How do we keep from absolutely falling into a deep abyss of depression?  How do we keep ourselves from taking a fist full of tinsel off the tree and wrapping it around the neck of some insensitive relative who asks,“So! First, recognize and acknowledge the depth of your loss and its impact on you so that you are more likely to take actions which are self-protective and sustaining.  Just the very experience of infertility, before you add the strain of the holidays, has been described as similar to the level of stress and grief of coping with breast cancer or aids.
Research indicates that depression and anxiety regularly aggravate the suffering of infertility… and vice versa.  Approximately twenty percent of infertile women are clinically depressed with the remaining eighty percent often somewhere along the depression continuum. Both members of the infertile couple tend to experience similar levels of stress but women tend to suffer more often from depression. This brief exchange occurs often between couples and you may have had a similar conversation in your own home. What do you give to someone who has everything they want except for their heart’s deepest desire?  Any other gift feels trite, meaningless and unwelcome.
Discuss, as a couple, how you wish to handle gifts.  In your pain, don’t just avoid the subject. The pull between your needs and the pressure from family is one of the holiday landmines! It’s more important that you present as a united front to family and friends, than it is to save face, avoid scorn, or side step all the awkward questions about why you two won’t be at the family gathering. In this season we celebrate light in the midst of darkness, but for the infertile couple it feels only dark. Infertility, like a curse, strikes all kinds of people regardless of marital status or sexual orientation catapulting them in what may seem a never-ending maze of medical treatments.
To people dealing with infertility, the holidays are an expanse of the Universe from which they have been banished, a slice of time where they do not fit in. It also seems that absolutely everybody inquires, “How many children do you have?” or “ When are you getting pregnant?” or “When will you finally start a family?” These untimely and insensitive questions come from everybody around: from Aunt Rosy to the nail technician.
People dealing with infertility perceive that others have a fabulous time during the holidays because their void and pain is heightened by the void of their pain, the lack of understanding of others and by the consumer culture who is at a frenzy to capture customers. Parents, grandparents, and uncles and aunts are a captive customer, so to speak that would seize this time to pamper the children of their lives with presents. 1) Understand the Holiday Context: Understand that holidays put certain pressures on people that you can rebuff.
The World Health Organization (WHO) have had to lower the ‘normal’ sperm reference ranges over past number of years to accommodate for these declining numbers otherwise most men would test as infertile. The rapid decline of quality and quantity of sperm coincides with the introduction of processed, pre-packaged, pre-cooked foods treated with pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, colours and preservatives as well as a host of other convenient household and personal care products. Here is a list of some of the offenders which have been shown to cause low sperm count and in some cases male infertility.
Eat the right diet: Eat “naturally from the earth” get plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, brown rice and organic fresh fish and meat.
Because of their greater ability to store vitamin B12, animals contain more of the vitamin than plants. Within the plant world, sea plants (like kelp), algae’s (like blue-green algae), yeasts (like brewer’s yeast), and fermented plant foods (like tempeh, miso, or tofu) are the most commonly consumed food sources of vitamin B12, although none of these plant foods can be counted on to be a consistently excellent or very good source of the vitamin. Very good sources of these healthy fats include scallops, cauliflower, cabbage, cloves and mustard seeds.
Male fertility rates are affected by a number of factors however having the right diet can and does help in the production of healthy sperm and should be a consideration for all men seeking a family. Remember when you were in charge of how and when you had a baby?  At least we all thought so:  What time of year to get pregnant?  What age for my spouse and me?  How many children to have? Something along the lines of “I will be the best infertility patient there ever was and comply with everything asked of me to give us the best chance of having a baby.”  After all, these are the experts, right? But what are the risks of not questioning, or assessing, or partnering with your highly-trained, very competent, but nevertheless, human physician?  You risk removing from the medical treatment your instincts and experience, your opinion and insight, your resolve and focus. A 39-year old woman was told that her eggs look “good” and the embryos were developing “normally” during a third IVF procedure, which ultimately failed.  When she later read the embryologist’s report and then met with him, she found out the quality of her eggs was good for a woman her age, but the color and clarity were not what would be seen in a younger woman.
The keys to joining your physician as a partner are knowing what you need to understand and being sensitive to how you ask questions. Her message was echoed a few months later when I was at a baby party hosted by a fertility center. If the serum FSH is very high in a man with azoospermia, there are not many treatment options except adoption or donor semen insemination. Cigarette smoking, addicted to drugs, extremely hot environment all can reduce the sperm motility.

If there are average numbers of sperms with motility, even if it is reduced, a procedure called IUI where semen is processed to separate sperm and put inside the uterus can be attempted.
Running 26.2 miles is among the least of what the staff at our Memphis fertility center does to support the community at St.
Patients and their parents say this is one more concern that they can cross off their list during a difficult time. Our Memphis fertility center will also work with a patient who received cancer treatment at St. Seuss) and his wife Helen, who was infertile due to surgical removal of both ovaries early in their marriage, had a fantasy daughter they named “Chrysanthemum-Pearl.”  According to Geisel’s biographers, Judith and Neil Morgan, when friends bragged about their children, Geisel would recount whatever the amazingly clever and precocious Chrysanthemum-Pearl had just accomplished. Blue Monday, as it’s called, falls on the third Monday of January each year and is labeled as the most depressing day of the year. But, it also seemed like the time of the year when I had the most time to really think about all I was lacking in my life. More specifically, the sadness of depression is characterized by a greater intensity and duration and by more severe symptoms and functional disabilities than is normal. It’s important to recognize and treat depression as early as possible, which decreases your risk of becoming depressed again. Since depression can color your outlook on everything, it’s best to avoid making any big decisions—quitting a job or moving, for instance—until you feel better.
Although you might think it will help you feel better, alcohol can make your depression worse. Infertility support groups are a way for individuals to come together in a safe environment to express their feelings associated with the struggles of infertility. I was at the stage where I wanted a baby so badly, and every reminder of children, being a mother, being a family, was just a bit too much to handle. It has been a very stressful ordeal for both of us.  We are supposed to go to Michigan to be with family over the Christmas holiday.
Decline invitations if you think it will be too much of an emotional strain to be around someone’s new baby or obvious pregnancy.
Or, better yet, plan a lovely vacation by yourselves … away from everyone.  Remember, the two of you are a family. After all, who wants to be a Scrooge during the holidays?  But being childless during this season replaces holiday cheer with strong feelings of anger, deep sadnes s, despair and hopelessness. The fact that others around you don’t understand the depth of your pain only serves to make it all the more painful.  Our experience has been that every lost cycle, especially after an assisted cycle (like IVF) can feel like a miscarriage or a death.
Well meaning family and friends will invite (and often EXPECT) the two of you to attend all kinds of functions which, under normal circumstances, you might love to attend. If the two of you decide he should go and represent both of you, then have a clear understanding that at any time you may call him with a request to come home early and be with you. Couples and individuals may find themselves immersed in a different reality that what they had anticipated for this stage in their lives. When I returned the question, I found out that the inquiring person, older than myself, had no children at all!!
You can ask a trusted member to pass the request or you can send a family email to all with your request.
There is something not quite right with men’s sperm – sperm counts have been on a rapid decline since the 1950s. Today those figures have been reversed: 15% of sperm is normal and 85% or sperm is abnormal. EMF’s – Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) have been shown through studies to lower sperm count due to the heating of the testicles from the EMF’s. Pesticides and hormones in foods – The pesticides found on produce and the hormones added to the dairy and meat have a massive effect on men’s hormonal balance. Alcohol– Studies of men with poor sperm quality show excessive alcohol consumption was associated with decrease in the number of normal sperm. Plastics – When plastics are heated they release xenohormones which mimic oestrogen in the body.
According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, regular exercise (five times a week for at least 45 minutes) and a healthy diet will enhance fertility by keeping body weight at normal levels and relieving stress and anxiety.
Avoid as much dairy as possible, junk food, processed foods and foods with high saturated fat.  Drink plenty of water at least 2 -3 litres a day to flush out any toxins in the body. L-carnitine: Required for normal sperm function, Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid and men with healthy sperm in high numbers often have high carnitine levels. Zinc: This mineral is required for a healthy male reproductive system and sperm production. Vitamin B-12: B-12 deficiency reduces sperm motility and sperm count and is one of the most frequent vitamin deficiencies so make sure your intake is adequate. Omega fatty acids: Omega 3 fatty acids (found in oily fish and flaxseed oils) and omega-6 fatty acids (evening primrose and starflower oils) can help improve the sperm membrane fluidity and male fertility.
Good sources of these fats include halibut, shrimp, cod, tuna, soybeans, tofu, kale, collard greens, and Brussels sprouts. Astragalus: A Chinese herb which is now grown in popularity worldwide medical research indicates that Astragalus has a stimulating effect on the production of sperm and also helps to improve sperm motility. Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens): Saw Palmetto contains a variety of fatty acids, including capric, caprylic, caproic, lauric, palmitic and oleic acid, and their ethyl esters. It suggests that your friend or family member or acquaintance could solve their infertility problem if they simply took a vacation or quit their job or magically figured out a way to remove or reduce the stress that permeates our lives.
She became pregnant during a particularly stressful time in her life and enjoyed an uneventful pregnancy and the healthy, on time delivery of her daughter. I approached a woman holding beautiful twin babies and she said to me, “I am a psychiatrist. Where the sperms are aspirated from the epididymis of the testicular and used to inject the ovum of a wife. Kutteh, MD serves as both the director for our Memphis fertility center and director of fertility preservation at St. Jude’s Marathon or contact us at our Memphis fertility center for information about long-term fertility preservation.
The reasons given in news reports and studies are because all the hoopla of the holidays are over, the holiday bills start arriving, and New Year’s Resolutions may have already gone by the wayside. I didn’t have any of the distractions of the holidays, with all the busy errand running and gift buying. Each person going through infertility has certain expectations and when they are not met it can begin to feel frustrating and unfair.
Symptoms of depression can be characterized not only by negative thoughts, moods, and behaviors but also by specific changes in bodily functions (for example, crying spells, body aches, low energy or libido, as well as problems with eating, weight, or sleeping).
Depressed people are at special risk of developing substance abuse problems, and alcohol interacts with many antidepressants. If you do feel that your depression is becoming more severe (increasing in duration or intensity, disabling you from doing your everyday routine) it may be time to talk to your infertility or primary care physician.

If you feel you have the support of family and friends, turn to them for emotional support and guidance. We know the holidays are going to be very stressful for us and we are reluctant to go.  We dread the inevitable questions such as “Isn’t it time you started a family?”  Do you have any advice on how to cope with our infertility during the upcoming holidays?
Even so, this suffering is somehow intensified by the same conditions which bring such gladness to others during the Holiday Season.
There seems to be no safe place.  At every outing the beautiful faces and images of children assault us and emphasize our own empty wombs and hearts. The longer a couple grapples with infertility, the greater the risk that they will find themselves feeling more and more separated emotionally.  Emotional separation is always distressing.
But now these same gatherings can be excruciating, especially if children are involved.Usually, the wife feels this pain more intensely than her husband.
This is incredibly stressful and to many, a surprise which makes the whole situation exponentially more stressful! When such creation must be postponed due to infertility and takes twists and turns, humans must accommodate to their new reality: Change is never easy. I learned then, that it was just my perception that the holidays were such a great time for others. Do not keep your cell phone in your pocket and do not place your laptop computer on your lap.
Pesticides mimic oestrogens in the body while the added hormones to meat and dairy are actual hormones (like oestrogen) you do not want in your system. As a man these xenohormones can match up with the receptor sites where testosterone is supposed to go.
Tight underwear like briefs can keep the testicles from being able to hang and regulate their temperature.
Natural production of arginine declines with age and a supplement here may help older patients. Best food sources include fish, organ meats (like liver and kidney) and the germ portion of whole grains. Best sources include nuts, fruits, cereals, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds and greens such asparagus and broccoli.
Nearly 50% of the selenium in a man is in the testes and seminal ducts; men lose selenium in their semen. Zinc is required for the production of testosterone and zinc content in the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other body tissues.
Since vitamin B12 cannot be made by any animals or plants, the B12 content of animals and plants depends on their ability to store the vitamin. Saw Palmetto oil is high in phytosterols as well as other oils, resins, and tannin and is seen as an overall body tonic for men and is believed to help male fertility rates. Jude’s and our Memphis fertility center provides these services for free, as well as the option to store frozen material until the patient is 35 years old, is a tremendous source of relief and gratitude. Our Memphis fertility center seeks to provide them with the tangible dream of a family one day.
I had time to really focus on the fact that I was depressed because of all I didn’t have. When you start to compare yourself to others you know, {those your own age or those younger or older than you, people you work with, those with whom you attend church, people you go or went to school with}, you can start to feel inadequate if you think you don’t match what they have or what they have accomplished. You need to watch for the types of events that contributed to depression in the past, and be alert for early symptoms. Find an activity you like, start slowly, and work up to exercising three times a week or more for 20 to 30 minutes. However, be aware that those who have not been through this first hand may be trying to help you, but might actually use words or phrases that hurt.
At a time when many feel merrier and more social than usual, those who are infertile may want to shield themselves from more pain by escaping into relative isolation (which often translates as isolation from relatives!)  Like Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, we can find ourselves hiding our deep wounds beneath a growing bitterness. What are ya waitin’ for?” As infertile people, how do we find our way through this time when emotional landmines are scattered all along our trek from November to January? During this journey these separations seem to particularly compound the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Guys:  if its painful for her before you two even leave your house for the event, it will only become more painful for her once you arrive. Trust came more easily before we were deeply injured and re-injured.  Peace of heart and mind was probably more common for us before we found ourselves angry with our bodies, our physicians, each other, and God. Good food sources of arginine are peanuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds, coconut, oats and edible seeds. Good sources are cereals including corn, wheat, oats and rice, nuts such as brazil nuts and walnuts, legumes, organic animal products including beef, chicken, egg and seafood. A deficiency of zinc is associated with numerous sexual problems, including sperm abnormalities and prostate disease.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to reduce the number of free radicals; vitamin C also can be taken for its antioxidant qualities. The Memphis race is one of the hospital’s premiere fundraising programs, which together make it possible for St.
Fearing only more hurt from those who don’t understand us, we want to avoid the noisy holiday gatherings we used to love. If you are an active male taking a good protein shake, which contains arginine as well as the other amino acids, will strengthen you body internally as well as externally. In fact Brazil nuts are the most highly concentrated source of selenium and scientists have shown that a daily Brazil nut is a better source of the mineral than taking a supplement. Zinc helps to maintain semen volume and adequate levels of testosterone; keeping sperm healthy.
Excellent sources of vitamin E include mustard greens, turnip greens, chard and sunflower seeds. Raymond Ke, Paul Brezina and Amelia Bailey–all provide fertility preservation to patients currently receiving care at St.
I wanted a child so much and it seemed that was all I could think about especially in the months at the beginning of the year. Good sources include beef, lamb, summer squash, asparagus, venison, chard, collard greens, miso, shrimp, broccoli, peas, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and mustard greens. Very good sources include almonds and spinach and good sources include collard greens, parsley, kale, papaya, olives, bell pepper, brussel sprouts, kiwifruit, tomato, blueberries and broccoli. Think about and make a list of the positive things you do have in your life and do something to better yourself. And, please remember, that throwing her under the bus, by blaming your absence on your wife’s suffering, is not loving her or your marriage!

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