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I’m not sure why so many of these male fertility studies are done in the Middle East.
Cadmium is known to disrupt spermatogenesis, and it’s thought that this might be through messing with essential elements such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
Cadmium ALSO messes with zinc, which also messes with calcium, so there’s a possible secondary route there.
So the investigators wanted to know how smoking affected male fertility (measured in the number of sperm and their percent motility), and whether or not the changes in fertility were correlated with levels of cadmium in the seminal fluid.

So, to save your pretty little eyes (so you can read lots of Neurotopia, which I’m sure is all you do in your spare time), Sci is going to stay up late and graph for you. This graph also has impressive significant between infertile and fertile men, but this is also something we knew from before. This figure showing the activity of the Ca2+-ATPase, a big indicator of membrane function in spermatozoa.
Sci thinks this is a good study on the effects of smoking on fertility parameters, but she would hesitate to go the distance with the authors here.

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