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Definition of an eclipse: An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another.
Every year we witness a number of solar and lunar eclipses that are either partial or total. The first thing that came to light through spiritual research is that physical (apparent to our eyes) eclipses as mentioned above are not the only type of eclipses. Powerful ghosts create subtle eclipses by creating a barrier of subtle black negative energy between either the gross, physical Sun and the Earth or between the subtle Sun and the Earth. There are subtle eclipses on the moon too but their impact on the Universe is much less as compared to that of the solar eclipse. By creating a barrier between the Sun and the Earth in a subtle eclipse, powerful subtle-sorcerers interfere with the function of the Sun and hence increase the Raja-Tama on Earth. Out of all the eclipses that take place 70% are subtle eclipses and 30% are physical eclipses. Only people who are above the 50% spiritual level and with an advanced and active sixth sense can perceive the presence and the subtle effect of the subtle eclipse. The negative impact of a subtle eclipse on humankind is 9 times more powerful than that of a normal physical solar or lunar eclipse. Spiritual research has shown that in the case of all eclipses there is a rise in the Raja-Tama and a reduction in the Sattva component. The environment is most conducive for negative energies to utilise their black energy to harm humankind during the period of the eclipse as well as to sow the seeds of destruction of humankind. In the case of physical eclipses, the reason for increased Raja-Tama is due to the fact that during an eclipse the light from the Sun or the Moon is obstructed even before it reaches the Earth.
In the case of a subtle eclipse, a higher order of ghosts creates a black negative energy barrier between the Sun and the Earth and also directly attacks the subtle Sun. The following table gives the difference in the proportion of the three subtle basic components on average in the current era of the Universe (i.e.
3.4 How long does the effect of the increased Raja-Tama from a solar or lunar eclipse last?
The Raja-Tama increase during an eclipse has a residual effect that subsides over many months. Thus if an eclipse were to be most visible in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it would have least subtle impact as it is a minimally populated area.
During an eclipse period, the power of distressing energies increases by 1000 times as compared to other times. The above subtle vision explains what happens at a subtle intangible level during an eclipse. At the time of an eclipse, people are more likely to be affected by their departed ancestors. There is a general decline in decision-making capacity and people are more likely to make incorrect decisions as the intellect is also affected. As mentioned earlier, ghosts use the excess Raja-Tama generated from an eclipse to collect black energy.
Eclipses contribute in a large way by providing circumstances conducive to amassing the black energy that ghosts have. During an eclipse there is a heightened amount of black energy flowing around and hence an excess of Raja-Tama.
However, to counteract the rise in Raja-Tama and black energy, the amount of divine energy from God that can be accessed by him is 50% more. Accordingly, people who make the effort to do intense spiritual practice during the time of an eclipse will benefit up to 30 % more spiritually.
Reduce Raja-Tama activities: Avoid doing things like sleeping, going to the toilet, having food, sexual intercourse as they are Raja-Tama predominant and only leave us more vulnerable to getting affected by departed ancestors and ghosts. Avoid Eating: The increase in the subtle basic Raja-Tama in the atmosphere during the period of an eclipse affects food as well as the digestive processes.

If during moonrise, the moon is going to be eclipsed then one should not have food in the previous 12 hours. An eclipse is an important spiritual event that has lasting adverse effects that are capitalised upon by ghosts.
One needs to take all spiritual precautions especially if the eclipse is visible over where one lives. Regular spiritual practice done throughout the year, helps to reduce the adverse effect of an eclipse. This would be the first lunar eclipse of this year, the next lunar eclipse would occur on 21st December, 2010 however Solar Eclipse would come little soon this year i.e.
According to NASA, Lunar Eclipse will be mainly visible in parts of America, Pacific and Eastern Asia today i.e. This eclipse has also created interest for people who believe in astrology since it helps the astrologers to predict with help of ancient observations. The Sun Deity is that aspect of God that controls the functioning of all the Suns and other stars in the Universe. This rise in Raja-Tama has many detrimental side-effects at a subtle (intangible) level which may not be noticeable in the physical plane initially. This darkness is an anomaly in the general cycle of day and night wherein a period that should have been in light is now in darkness.
In the chart below, we have shown how long the excess Raja-Tama generated by a partial eclipse of 30% takes to subside. This is because ghosts harness the excess Raja-Tama generated by the eclipse to amass black energy either by utilising the conditions to do more spiritual practice to gain negative spiritual black energy or by stealing the spiritual energy of seekers of God. Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) flows from the higher positive regions to combat the increased Raja-Tama on Earth. The Universe goes through cyclical stages of destruction caused primarily due to excess Raja-Tama. Even if we do not have the sixth sense to perceive it, it is best that we modify our actions during an eclipse to counteract the subtle (intangible) harmful effects. Hence it is advisable to avoid meals during the period of the eclipse.The time period when we should avoid meals depends on the type of eclipse. So also, if the sunrise is going to be in a state of eclipse (irrespective of the type of eclipse), then the period of fasting should start 12 hours earlier. In addition if one does intense spiritual practice during the eclipse it can even be positive, so far as individual spiritual growth goes.
It will be a partial lunar eclipse and the second lunar eclipse which will be total will take place on December 21, 2010. This eclipse will also create a “Moon Illusion’ meaning that the moon will look larger in size and it will look beautiful as well.
This eclipse will not only effect the Sun and Moon but also will connect the planets making the Grand Cross. Like us on Facebook and Google+ to stay updated about what's happening in your beloved country India! Ghosts take advantage of the heightened Raja-Tama to create a variety of issues that have global negative repercussions.
Viewing an eclipse generates much interest in the wider community and this prompted us to also understand if there is a spiritual or subtle intangible significance to it. These subtle eclipses are caused by the powerful ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) called subtle-sorcerers (mA?ntriks) from the 5th to 7th region of hell by the use of their supernatural powers and are only apparent to those with an advanced and active sixth sense. In fact, the spiritually detrimental effect of the phenomenon of night is equivalent to just 2% as that of an eclipse.
The figures are indicative of Raja-Tama generated in event of a partial eclipse of 30% severity and which occurs at a physical level.
The following chart gives the increase in Raja and Tama components as a physical eclipse goes towards being a total eclipse.

To do this departed ancestors take advantage of the excess Raja-Tama and the heightened black energy created by ghosts at the time of an eclipse.
At the psychological level, there are excess emotional and negative thoughts, especially about spiritual practice. They do this by sowing seeds of destruction and harm at a subtle intangible level that only manifest in the physical plane after a gestation period. The Raja-Tama on Earth having reached a peak between the years 2002 to 2012 has primed Earth for a spiritual cleansing period.
This is because the amount of sunlight or moonlight reaching Earth depends on the percentage area of the Sun or Moon covered during the eclipse. This is because various subtle processes are set into motion approximately 12 hours before an eclipse. For the star and moon gazers it is suggested that they do watch this beautiful sight of moon which will be provided because of the eclipse. Many great civilizations also have various beliefs and rituals connected to the lunar eclipses.
Regular spiritual practice ensures that we are insulated from its subtle (intangible) harmful effects. We conducted spiritual research to understand the spiritual significance and the effect of eclipses on mankind. The Sun Deity manifests through the Absolute Cosmic Fire Principle (TA“jtattva) and materialises as the Sun we see in the sky, lightning and fire on Earth. This is insofar as the negative energiesa€™ ability to use the darkness and its resulting increase in Raja-Tama to harm society. The following is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge that shows how black energy is collected. The black energy generated by various subtle-sorcerers flows towards the 7th region of Hell where it is stored.
The main catalyst at a subtle intangible level for World War III will be higher-level ghosts. If the sun or moon sets in a state of eclipse, then one should have meals only on the next day after taking a bath.
All living beings are dependent on the Sun as one of the Sun Deitya€™s main functions in the Universe is to provide light and radiance in the Universe.
Examples of this would be sowing seeds of pandemics of contagious diseases like Bird Flu and the Ebola Virus or sowing seeds of the third World War. They will orchestrate these events through their black energy influencing man to wage war against his fellowmen. On the contrary, for known events such as an eclipse we can save ourselves from its ill-effects by doing spiritual practice. As a lot of Raja-Tama frequencies are transmitted during the eclipse period, good actions done during this period do not yield expected results.
The western and central region of North America will be able to receive best sights of the eclipse. Practical doa€™s and dona€™ts to counteract or minimise the negative effect of an eclipse6. Hence it is advisable to avoid all important actions like inaugurations, important business deals etc.
The following table shows a breakdown of the factors that will help make the environment conducive for ghosts to create their black energy. The sight will also be visible all over the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, South America and Japan.

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