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A D&C had been performed under general anesthesia and after a brief recovery at the hospital, I was free to go home.
However, the days that followed began what was to become the most confusing and alarming time of my life. My hormones were raging, my emotions were going haywire, and I was convinced that I had also left my brain in that cold and sterile Operating Room. I began to mill around at home, a place I had lived in for the past 2 years and was quite familiar with. But as I reached up to activate the garbage disposal, I no longer knew which of the 3 toggle switches on the tile backsplash controlled the disposal function. It is ironic that a series of electrical switches baffled me because I also felt it was literally as if someone had flipped a switch in that high functioning part of my brain. I began seeking help for depression after my husband came home to find me sitting in the dark on the cold slate of the bathroom floor, lightly banging my head on the full length mirror. A slew of diagnoses ensued – Depression, possible Bipolar 2, general anxiety disorder, Narcolepsy, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, and more.
This is an award-winning feature-length documentary about Chronic Lyme Disease, and I immediately felt the remaining pieces of my puzzling decline were finally within reach.
Over the next 2 months, I diligently researched Chronic Lyme Disease and officially received my diagnosis on July 3, 2013.
Perhaps I never noticed, because a nymph tick is size of a poppy seed and can go undetected for days before it is discovered, or falls off of its own accord.
I need a PICC Line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) and IV treatment because I suffer from Neuro Lyme or Neuroborreliosis caused by Bb (Borrelia Burgdorferi) bacteria. A catheter is inserted into the superior vena cava and antibiotics are administered through a port above the heart. I have been on a treatment protocol for 9 weeks and have been forced to take an extended leave of absence from work, where I am now at risk of losing my beloved position as an Adapted Physical Education teacher. I am on 25 pills each day, and 4 of them are high dose antibiotics, together with 1 anti-malarial medication for one of my co-infections, Babesia, and I give myself self-administered injections 2 times a week. The reaction from the medications coupled with the debilitating Lyme symptoms leave me bedridden most days.
Shop via one of these links and Phoenix Rising gets up to 8% of your spend at no cost to you! Dear Asrid13 your description of cognitive decline sets great bells clanging in my head and how hard it is to explain the total inability to do the simplist things. Thanks for writing about your experiences here and especially for alerting us to the film – I just watched it this afternoon and it was very good.
I spent a lot of time hanging out in fields as a teenager on the fringes of London and camping out in the grass. I live in UK and things re Lyme Disease diagnosis are rather dire although Lyme Disease Action is making some progress with Public Health England – it will be a long time before things improve. My NHS and later IgeneX tests were negative but my response to antibiotics was sufficient witha clinical history of bites, bulls eye rashes summer flu and migrating arthralgias before a chronic painful debilitating illness developed. There are many reasons why blood tests can be negative and still a person can have lyme even Igenex says this on their test results.
I sure hope my story resonates with others so they are able to find their way through the sea of misdiagnosis! It is a wealth of information for anyone that suspects Lyme may be the culprit in their medical woes.
She has just started antibiotics and I know it is going to be a long road ahead but at least I feel we are on the right track. Thx, I did post my results here in another thread (I think it was the Lyme testing thread). I have actually become fearful of taking drugs and supplements since I have had so many reactions over the years.
It is a long road for us all, but the hope that is cultivated in receiving a proper diagnosis and respective treatment is enlightening. I don't want to be spending energy and money treating lyme I might not have and ignore something else because of it.
I know when I was doing a lot of genetic research trying to understand why I was sick all the time I did try to understand the impact of this gene. Right, you have Burrascano pegged as far as I'm concerned Extremely knowledgeable and he has dedicated the majority of his career to the topic of Lyme and educating other doctors.
From what I watched or read, this is by far the most informative, convincing and compelling argument that I've encountered.
She wrote a "Manifesto" to her colleagues because she felt if she, who was fortunate to have the medical education, two physicians that would help her without charging and a third that took insurance, could not have afforded the treatment and went through numerous physicians that could or would not help, what happens to everyone else?

My struggle with ADHD-unfriendly background noise, and how I recaptured my concentration once and for all. One aspect of attention deficit disorder (ADHD) that drives me bonkers is my inability to shut out background noise. A better way to describe it would be to say that foreground and background noise tend to switch places within my addled brain.
On my way to the exam room, I had to pass through metal detectors and submit to a deep-body cavity search. After surviving the gauntlet of hands, and having my backpack x-rayed for radio devices, I was allowed into the testing area with only a No.
Although there are many machines dedicated to generating white noise, most a€” with their short, repeating loops a€” are overpriced and unsatisfying. The site is cleanly designed, and you dona€™t need a degree in sound engineering to use it.
Regrettably, I didna€™t have white noise in my arsenal when taking those college exams, eons ago, to the rhythms of pencil percussionists, noisy noses, and sonorous silence.
ADDitude's free community site offers free support groups for adults with ADHD, plus medication reviews and much more.
List of Female Asperger Syndrome TraitsTable 1(These are in addition to the AS traits on the previous page. If you print out and use my tables, please consider giving me a donation to keep my work going. I was admitted to the ER under the stroke protocol and in less than a year, I suffered a series of seizures as well as catatonia. I was on the computer around the clock researching global amnesia, and according to the information I found, my brain would begin to recall pertinent information again in due course and by itself. There was no EM (Erythema Migrans) or “Bull’s Eye” rash that I can recall, and I never saw the tick that got a piece of my left hip.
My physician is leery of PICC because there is not a physician in my home state of Texas willing to cooperate and help keep the PICC clear of infection and complications.
The antibiotic route is the best for me at this time because I have been infected with Lyme and Babesia for 7 years and Bartonella for 27 years from Cat Scratch Fever at 8 years old that wasn’t properly treated. It makes me woder if there is any point in faffing about the edges with diet, adrenals, supplements ect when it's very possible I could have some kind of tick borne vector. Now we live in an area with a LOT of ticks, as my dog keeps coming in with them all the time. I am not aware of any LLMDs there either, as I live in the US, but there is a large forum where you can chat with others called MD Junction. Please remember that testing only confirms Lyme's and diagnosis should be truly based on clinical diagnosis. I know that it's costly, but at this point, every bit of our illnesses rob us of so many things. I for sure have trubs with the opioids, all of them in that list as soon as they are mentioned I just want to turn and run the other direction. The master symptom list I found is also based on Burrascano's which I find to be a very trustworthy physician and professional. I left no stone unturned but it took my entire adult life thus far seeking, searching, and praying for answers.
I really haven't relied on Mercola much to my recollection, so I want to look over the link you shared. This is one reason I despised taking exams at the testing center at Brigham Young University during my years there.
My pockets were emptied by unnaturally tall athletes lifting me heavenward by the ankles while shaking me roughly. With the sounds of tropical Hawaiian rain or music from Pzizz (a software application that generates random sound tracks guaranteed to shuttle me off to dreamland), I can quiet the morning commotion and drift off to rest. Most people think that white noise sounds like a television that has lost its on-air signal. Choose your flavor of noise (white, pink, or brown and red), slide the volume control to the desired output, and enjoy. I meticulously placed the payment in the envelopes, affixed proper postage and walked the bills to the mailbox located down the street. The arthritis-like feeling in my neck, hips, and fingers had left me reeling in pain, with no explanation or relief.
I received the results directly 4-6 weeks prior to getting in to see my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor). Please check it out and you can also get an Igenex lab kit sent directly to you, if you have a lab or physician willing to sign the orders.

It is quite possible that you are still positive and that is why a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor is crucial in cases like yours. Every medication I tried made me worse, but I know now that it's because they were all the wrong meds. I had an igenex test last year, which I saw at the time as being negative, but now I'm not sure.
I thin it is probably true of any specialty that doctors may gravitate to diagnoses they are familiar with, whether it is infectious disease, psychiatry or anything else.
Yes, it is quite possible and a number of Chronic Lyme sufferers realize they have indeed had it most of their lives.
By no means am I suggesting that everyone with a mysterious chronic illness has Lymes or another tick-borne disease.
She was a physician working for a top medical organization yet she was given the same treatment so many of us are. I began my test and soon experienced a new assault a€” silence so heavy I could feel its weight on my shoulders, bearing down on me. What I would have given for a trusty Walkman back then, with a fresh set of batteries and some favorite tunes, to neuter the noise.
The happy bustle of the world awaking to new purpose makes falling asleep nearly impossible. Regardless of where it comes from, white noise can be relaxing to those who have ADHD, especially if there is subtle variety in its tones. I find that enabling the oscillating volume adds variety to the sound that is both pleasant and non-distracting.
While others may be coming to their own similar conclusions, I based these observations of Female AS on interviews with dozens of diagnosed women of all ages and educational backgrounds, from all over the world.
Strangely though our vet says there is no LYme disease here – how can he be sure of that? LLMDs will still diagnosis and treat based on clinical presentation of symptoms and medical history.
I will get the results up today and I'd love to share more with you and help you get more direction! Lyme feeds on Steroid treatment and we all know that steroids are shelled out for inflammatory disorders. It was my first time to test with Igenex and I had two prior Lyme Screens using the Elisa and IgG, considered negative bc of CDC guidelines. Yes, the longer you are infected, the antibodies that are produced continue to change and evolve.
If I have lyme, I have had it for 15 years and have mostly been in good health until the past few years.
By no means am I an expert, but my doctor who is one, suggests that 80-90% of autoimmune disorders are caused or triggered by bacteria, as in Lyme Disease.
I simply want everyone to consider every possible condition that could be responsible so the healing can begin and the suffering and pain be minimized:) That's it!! If you have trouble shutting out the world when you need to study, write, paint, spark creativity, sleep, or get down to business at work, this free service is perfect for your needs. These traits were threads that ran throughout their information and stories, tying us all together. From those times and through the years that followed, “normal cognition” no longer seemed to apply!
It wasn’t always the case, but I encourage each of you to be your own advocate when doors slam in your face and your standard labs come back normal. I had the co-infection panel done, but those are better dxed by a specialist using symptom checklists. Also, some Lyme patients encounter full body retaliation and every single part of their bodies become infected and compromised, whereas others have Lyme attack one certain body system. As usual, I do not mean to say that all women with AS will possess all of these traits and I do not like putting us in boxes, but there was a need for an easy-to-read reference. I know a woman who wasn't sick otherwise, but was having a horrible problem with fluid behind her kneecap. This list will certainly be expanded and revised in the future.These tables are copyrighted. No two people have the same symptoms and like I mentioned above, Lyme is known to mimic well over 300 other conditions including ALS, Alzheimer's, MS, Lupus, CFS, Fibro, Rhuematoid Arthritis, etc!!

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