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Track Your Cycles 1 of 21 Share "The easiest way to determine your likely day of ovulation is to track your cycles for at least three months," says Dr. Have Sex at Peak Fertility 2 of 21 Share You may miss the most fertile time if you time intercourse to occur just after your day of egg release, Dr. Look for Fertility Signs 3 of 21 Share Use your body's physical signs of ovulation and pre-ovulation to predict optimal time for conception. Many women with regular cycles produce a clear mucus discharge in the few days preceding and during egg-release, Dr. It's "gooey" and "sticky," which is easy for sperm to penetrate and to sustain them on their way to the egg. Invest in a Test 4 of 21 Share When women rely solely on the calendar to estimate when their ovulation will take place, they're frequently wrong, says Kelly Andrews, founder of Fairhaven Health, which sells natural products for fertility health. Take Folic Acid 5 of 21 Share Women attempting pregnancy need to take a multivitamin with folic acid, which is crucial to the normal development of the baby's spine, Dr. Ideally, start taking the recommended amount of folic acid—.4 milligrams (mg)—three months before trying to get pregnant. Eat Healthy 6 of 21 Share Green leafy vegetables, meats, and fortified cereals are common dietary sources of folic acid, Dr.

During preconception and pregnancy, eat a commonsense diet—well-balanced with lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, if you're undergoing fertility treatments, research has found that a Mediterranean diet may boost your chances of getting pregnant. Try Innovative Foods 7 of 21 Share Try foods such as goji berries and kombucha drinks to boost your fertility, says Dawn Clare, an intuitive coach and alternative healer in Santa Monica, California. Goji berries are the highest rated antioxidant food filled with nutritional value, including protein, minerals, and amino acids. Kombucha drinks also are filled with vitamins and are a natural detoxifier and health aid to support the fertility process.
Stop Trying 8 of 21 Share Sometimes when you stop "trying" to have a baby, you find yourself pregnant.
It's not always that simple, but for some people, the stress of sex for conception makes the act ineffective and something to avoid. Have Orgasms 9 of 21 Share Orgasms may increase the likelihood of conception.
Of course, an orgasm is absolutely necessary for a man to participate in the conception process, and according to some experts, the contractions of the uterus after orgasm help the sperm along. Do It Missionary Style 11 of 21 Share "The missionary position with the man on top is generally regarded as the best sexual position to use when trying to achieve pregnancy," Andrews says.

Positions with the woman on top are generally not recommended for women trying to get pregnant. Avoid Regular Lubricants 13 of 21 Share Regular lubricants have been clinically shown to harm sperm and impede their progress, Andrews says. Instead, use a "sperm-friendly" lubricant that is specifically designed for trying-to-conceive couples. Exercise 15 of 21 Share Maintain your current exercise routine to keep your blood flowing, Dr. But it's not a good time to begin a vigorous exercise routine when you're trying to get pregnant or during your pregnancy. Acupuncture 18 of 21 Share Eunice Kan, an acupuncturist in Burlingame, California, believes acupuncture can speed up conception by helping women relax their bodies and minds, and helps to balance hormonal issues, such as irregular cycles, painful periods, and endometriosis. Yoga cat stretches are ideal to get the energy moving in vital parts of the body and reproductive energy centers.

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