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It only takes one small touch from Kate Middleton to her midsection to send pregnancy gossipers into a tizzy.
You see, I can only hope the woman who was recently photographed looking happy and energetic while at Wimbledon is expecting another royal and has bypassed the severe nausea and vomiting that landed her in the hospital in 2012. Jessica Hay, described as a longtime friend of Kate Middleton, has plenty to say about the 2014 pregnancy speculation, claiming the Duchess has been calling those in their circle of friends to share her happy news. A discussion of how to advise patients to prepare for pregnancy when they have a personal history of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is important because they will likely have HG again.
Furthermore, forgive me if I doubt that this source is actually a good friend, since her phrasing sounds like the pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed to her, but that she heard it through the grapevine from actual close friends who have been told. I have 39 years of experience and skill in the old followings arts: the witchcraft, the vodoo, the black magic, the Sorceries, the preparation of Talismans, the preparation of Rings, etc. I can’t speak from personal experience but I hate anything having to do with stomach ailments.
I had it with my 1st pregnancy till the day I gave birth,it was horrific draining experience that put me off having another child till six half years later! The latest rumors claim the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again — and it would be fabulous if they were true.
Kate is almost always seen and photographed standing with her hands together in front of her. The only good thing about the princess having HG a second time would be that maybe she would become a public advocate for HG research.

It was sooooooo bad and to make matters worse, I did not appreciate fully at first what was becoming of me. Thirty percent report that the severity of the nausea is the same as their first pregnancy, 26% worse and 44% better than first pregnancy. I was 115 lbs when I got pregnant with her and went down to 102lbs before I ever started putting weight on. Clearly in this picture she has moved her left hand up to her hair, probably to move it out of her face, and left her right hand where it normally is. I enjoyed following the first pregnancy, but just wish people would soTop all the speculation.
Before I even took a home test the smell of hamburger and such was so bad I thought it was rotten.
Watch out, the hidden world exists and my powers in how much wizards vodoos are really enormous! It was so much easier, though I didn’t gain a single pound and lost weight the first 6 months. She is very proper and a royal, which means she has specific ways she is supposed to stand when in public. Isn’t any money put into researching this debilitating illness,something needs to be done.Currently 7 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby and absolutely petrified when HG is going to start even though started much sooner with past 2 children fingers crossed!
Still wonder whenever I look at Kwach my son how he could have survived but then, docs say our little ones do really survive.

In his words after, he told me he rarely comments on patient’s appearance but that the truth was than I looked like a full blown AIDS victim or one who is so badly malnourished.
If Kate is truly expecting again she probably either isn’t far enough along to be sick, or is already past it. Till then can we just lay off celebrities when they gain weight or wear not the most flattering clothes? Anyway, I was booked into hospital and repeated tests were done to make sure I did not have the AIDS virus.
To fight against the bad fate thanks to the help of a great marabutto and of the magic black vodoo. The only good news was that despite my consistent weight loss until about 6 mths, the baby was growing well.
I am grateful though for the experience though wonder how I will manage if I decide to give Kwach a sibling.
The worst part of HG is when a woman who sails thru pregnancy tells you it can’t be that bad!

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