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Thank you so much sweetone that's all I have been doing until we got evacuated from our house today lol.
It seems unfair that we have to struggle to conceive, and we can't even breathe a sigh of relief when we finally achieve pregnancy.
They say it's .1% chance of having cervical ectopic and only 1 in 200 pregnancies are tubal ectopics but I have had two, how come I can "win" these odds but not the lottery lol. Only about an hour and a half and I thought to grab a lawn chair on the way out the door so we just sat with the neighbours down the street. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts on Friday for you ultrasound Take good care!!

I don't know if this is any comfort, but at least you are dealing with an extremely compassionate RE. Bed rest officially sucks but of course I will do anything that they think might help baby move up. It was nice to get out of my bed but of course I worried the whole time but no bleeding and made it home ok. Dr G is cautiously optimistic, he doesn't want to get our hopes up yet as we are not out of the woods. We were able to hear the heartbeat instead of just seeing it and we got some good pictures this time as well.

Thrilled to pieces to have 2 healthy babies growing in there, but also kind of terrified for twins and caught completely off guard!

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