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Star magazine claims in its latest print issue that Aniston and Theroux are about to become parents to twins, HollyBaby reports. Admittedly, Jen and Justin knew from early on in their relationship that they were meant to be together, so they started trying for a baby shortly after they began dating. In time, though, it became clear that there was something wrong, and they turned to IVF for help with starting a family.
Star also talked to one of Aniston's neighbors who, it seems, is quite a peeping tom because he or she can offer details about her pregnancy no one but a good friend would know.

Moreover, in recent weeks, Aniston has been having a lot of friends over: they come bearing gifts that could be baby things, and they hang out a lot but drink no alcohol.
While she may not know for certain yet whether she's pregnant with twins, Aniston is determined to keep her baby news a secret for at least a few weeks more.
Her friends and family are thrilled, and keep telling her what a wonderful mom she'll be. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.

My kitchen window overlooks a bedroom in Jen’s house, and I see her changing clothes from time to time.

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