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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. This is by far the most personal piece I have written, we are about to get to know each other a whole lot more. After being poked and prodded more times than a chook on Christmas day, it was evident that the only option left for us was IVF. I had heard stories about how tough IVF can be on your body, your relationship and also your mental health and I thought I was prepared for how hard it was going to be. I should point out here that everyone’s IVF experience is different and unique to their situation. The fact I work in breakfast radio and start work at 4am made things tricky…I had to get up at 3am (half an hour earlier than usual, which makes all the difference at that time of the morning) to do my business before I got up for work and started my day. I wished there was more I could have read about what IVF was ‘really’ like, not the medical or scientific explanations, but someone to tell me the little things that not even your IVF nurse will tell you.  I knew a couple of people who had gone through IVF and they were a huge help, but it became very clear early on that my treatment was very different to theirs. This is exactly what the bedside table of someone going through IVF looks like – this isn’t mine but it is similar!
Most transvaginal ultrasound probes have accessories like needle guides (that can be attached to the probe). Some people may not find it challenging at all or might not is disruptive to their life. Many women have to give themselves an injection once a day, or even once a week, but for others, it’s a tad more involved. I’d then rush home from work afterwards to do it all again – three times before I went to bed at 7.30pm.
So I turned to my friend google, but still found it hard to find out what I really wanted to know. I would like to think no one at work knew what I was going through because I handled it all like a pro…but I doubt if this was the case.
I had no idea it was so difficult, in fact, this article showed how little I knew about the process entirely.
I’m sure your honesty will help many others who are facing the same huge hurdles in order to have a baby.
I am currently in the early stages of medications and injections and it was so nice to read that the things I have been feeling and going through are not just me being ridiculous, it is what we all go through in this process. Refreshing to read something online, that resonates, feels authentic – and doesn’t mention baby dust!

In a rare patient, the ovaries may not be present within the pelvis and laparoscopy may be required for egg retrieval.
Needle guides allow the operator to “feed” an aspiration needle (through the needle guide) for use during ultrasound guided puncture procedures.
I am just over four months pregnant and I had to go down the IVF path for this awesome little being. The part of my brain that sends the message to my body to let it know it’s time to ovulate just doesn’t want to play ball. I thought it was my given right as a woman to have a baby, but for my husband James and I, it wasn’t going to be quite so straight forward.
That was me, the more involved part.  At any given time I was taking 12 tablets a day, injecting myself three times a day, wearing two oestrogen patches, and inserting things in my private regions four times a day – oh and I should add, as you are inserting things in your lady bits, you are required to lay down for half an hour after this – not helpful when you have that small thing in your life called a job! It’s not the inserting that causes the issues it’s the what goes in must come out part that is really tough. I needed to leave the studio at certain times each morning to secretly inject myself in the bathroom. Not just the whopping monthly IVF payments but things you don’t think about such as the medication which you buy separately, I was paying up to $300 per week for medication. Even overnight travel for a weekend away can be in the too-hard basket, but your friends and family will understand this. There are two weeks in each cycle where you’re told to refrain from intercourse, but even when you are ‘allowed’ to, it’s too tricky – you are constantly wearing panty liners (sorry, I hate those two words) and there are things that need to be inserted before you go to bed– none of it is sexy! Just make sure you have your partner and a big bottle of wine close by on the day of that long-awaited call. New wife to James - and hoping it stays that way as they renovate their first home together. Many, many thanks for sharing, it is insights like these that genuinely help people, primarily those enduring it but also those who are trying to support friends that are. You are a brave woman and this is inspirational, i look forward to seeing you holding your baby.
During these procedures, the ultrasound computer software usually has the ability to generate a dotted line through the ultrasound visual field (that can be viewed on the ultrasound monitor) such that the operator simply lines up an ovarian follicle to be aspirated with the dotted line and then enters the aspiration needle into the follicle under direct (ultrasound) visualization. At 31, I found out that having children the natural, old fashioned way was not going to be an option for me.

Finding time to stop what you’re doing and lay down for half  four times a day at specific times is not easy.
And after-work hours were tough because you can’t exactly tell your boss you have to be home at 4,6 and 8pm to insert objects into your nether regions. And if you’re lucky enough to fall pregnant, you will need to continue your IVF treatment right up until 12 or 13 weeks. Home and interiors enthusiast who loves salted caramel, throwing dinner parties and sunshine.
It makes me wonder, what would you say is the best, or most helpful, thing to say to friends going through it? I wish you all the very best, and well done for sticking it through and sharing it with everyone!!! If you are having trouble getting pregnant, Dr Eric Daiter is happy to help you (in the office or on the telephone). The follicular fluids are sequentially aspirated into test tubes under gentle suction pressure (generally activated by a foot pedal) and given to the embryologist to identify presence of the (microscopic) eggs. I think it’s important to be prepared for this before you go into it and have a plan of attack. My mum was actually there with me when my baby was conceived – not many grandparents can say that! It is easy, just call us at 908 226 0250 to set up an appointment (leave a message with your name and number if we are unable to get to the phone and someone will call you back). Not even six months of medication and injections three times a day could bring on ovulation.
The gel is used only a carrier for the hormone and isn’t absorbed by the body so it comes back out.

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